1. Verizon iPhone 4's Avatar
    well i popped in my iphone this morning and its asking me to upgrade to the new 4.2.7 firmware..... when did this upgrade come out? and any idea when the jailbreak will be out?
    2011-04-21 10:01 PM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    It came out I think a week ago or so.

    There's no jb for it yet and I'm not sure there's been any news on that yet as well
    2011-04-21 11:10 PM
  3. briankeith513's Avatar
    It came out I think a week ago or so.

    There's no jb for it yet and I'm not sure there's been any news on that yet as well
    Yeah it's weird, I haven't heard of anyone saying that they are even working on a jailbreak for iOS 4.2.7. Does anyone have an email for any of the jail breakers to ask them if they have this in their plans? I was trying to contact Comex, but I don't have any of his info.
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    -I am not Neo, But I am still the One.

    2011-04-23 07:11 AM
  4. slumpey326's Avatar
    you used to be able to put your iphone into recovery and downgrade to 4.2.6 via itunes but I believe apple stopping signing this a few days ago. Stinks, because I really want to go back to 4.2.6.

    I was on 4.2.6 late last week and tried to do a restore the way I have been doing it in the past, but all of a sudden it wouldnt work anymore because apple stopping signing 4.2.6. I am hoping there is an untethered jailbreak for 4.2.7 real soon.

    GreenpoisOn please assist here.
    2011-04-23 05:11 PM
  5. brokenartist's Avatar
    There is no jailbreak for 4.2.7 yet for Verizon
    2011-04-24 09:01 PM
  6. Verizon iPhone 4's Avatar
    thanks guys... hope something is released soon... i havent updated to 4.2.7 yet until the new JB is out
    2011-04-25 09:36 AM
  7. eddietah's Avatar
    It just a matter of time
    2011-04-25 10:43 AM
  8. slumpey326's Avatar
    I believe there is a tethered jailbreak version of 4.2.7 by redsnow. Has anyone tried this yet. Are there specific instructions on how to do this because I have jailbroken my iphone previously with 4.2.6 with greenposion's untethered version and it was very easy. I have never done the tethered version before.
    2011-04-25 02:36 PM
  9. Bassvictim's Avatar
    It can be done tethered with redsn0w, there's a tutorial somewhere around here.
    2011-04-25 03:06 PM
  10. slumpey326's Avatar
    how does tethered work exactly, have only jb the untethered way.
    2011-04-25 07:21 PM
  11. i.Annie's Avatar
    When your device reboots or shuts off with a tethered jb, you have to hook it up to your comp and run redsn0w's boot tethered on it to get it back on. Otherwise it is just stuck and can't boot.
    2011-04-25 09:30 PM
  12. dk975's Avatar
    I am brand new to my iPhone. Currently updated from an LG Dare just to give an idea of how far behind I am in terms of technology. I have heard that there is much more that can be done with the iPhone besides what is offered by the App Store. Hoping that when the 4.2.7 jailbreak is out I can maybe get some help from you guys with that as well as messing around with some of the possible features of Cydia, and whatever else I can do with this phone.

    2011-04-25 11:45 PM
  13. Royolpunk's Avatar
    If you guys search wixgadget on YouTube they posted a video how to do it
    2011-04-25 11:55 PM
  14. dk975's Avatar
    I downloaded the Redsnow program but am unable to find my firmware. Where do i go from here?

    I was able to jailbreak it. It is a teathered jailbreak, nonetheless it does work and I am successfully running cydia. Any apps I should look into?
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    2011-04-26 08:18 AM
  15. slumpey326's Avatar
    got a question. Do I need to run redsnow and boot from tether each time that I want to reboot my phone. If I dont do this the phone wont boot up, correct? Am just asking because yesterday I downloaded an app on cydia and afterwards it notifyed me that I needed to reboot, when I clicked reboot it went to a black screen and then never left the screen with the apple logo.
    2011-04-26 04:03 PM
  16. dk975's Avatar

    Yea. Same thing happened to me. Just retether it and you should be fine.
    2011-04-26 04:47 PM
  17. slumpey326's Avatar
    so I would have to retether each time I boot the iphone or it wont start up, correct?
    2011-04-26 05:21 PM
  18. dk975's Avatar
    I have not tried turning my phone off again, but I would assume so. If you have already jailbroke it, and don't like how it is tethered I think your only option would be to restore the phone... this is coming from a complete noob though.
    2011-04-26 10:27 PM
  19. mlee19841's Avatar
    they have a tethered jailbreak for 4.2.7 but only thing that suxz is that if u reboot the phone u lose the jail break. Is there anything yet about a un-tethered jailbreak????

    2011-04-26 11:51 PM
  20. i.Annie's Avatar
    Well youre not really losing your jb you're just getting stuck and unable to boot until you run boot tethered.

    But yeah, no news on untethered.
    2011-04-27 12:18 AM
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