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  1. TheDrag0n's Avatar
    im using "A UiNique HD" theme, on my 4G, 4.3.1 (JB).

    icons from cydia like Unlimtones, Wifi analyzer, BytaFont etc.
    their icon keep original.

    i know i need to edit icon.png \ [email protected] in

    but what im doing in case the folder of the app is not there ?
    how do i know which folder to creat and named her ?

    for example, the app "Wifi analyzer"
    in /Bundles/ there is no folder for this app, how can i make one and how i can know how to call her ?

    2011-04-23 03:28 PM
  2. Jahooba's Avatar
    If you go into var/stash/Applications you'll see a list of your Cydia installed programs.

    Inside the main folder of the program you'll see a file called Info.plist.

    Open this up in the text viewer in iFile and look for the text: CFBundleIdentifier, the line immediately underneath this entry should start with com.xxxx.xxxx

    For example, in the Cydia program it's named com.saurik.Cydia, which is the folder you make in /Bundles/. Although, Cydia is probably a bad example because it runs as Root and currently cannot be themed, but that's how you find the name for Bundle folders.
    2011-04-23 07:00 PM
  3. TheDrag0n's Avatar
    thanks for replay Jahooba,

    i success to change any icon from cydia.
    just go to :

    and change icon.png or [email protected].
    respring and all is done.

    thanks mate.
    2011-04-24 07:04 PM