1. davenportram's Avatar
    Hi, after a little help,

    I have managed to change the badge for missed calls and I think native iPhone notifications, to a black background.
    But in apps like modmyi and Tapatalk it us still red. How do I change these in app icons?
    2011-04-25 02:35 AM
  2. holger79's Avatar
    If an app has custom badges you can change them in theit app folder like "com.apple.MobileSafari"

    With Winterboard you have to create that folder in your Themes Bundles Folder and replace them like in the original folder.

    I think this will work but dont tried it.
    "No Sig Links- Mod Edit" - took long to find it, bro
    I love my iDevice, but android too
    2011-05-05 09:41 PM