1. domefavor95's Avatar
    Ok, so I have a iPod here. My friend wants to upgrade it to 4.0. I don't know why. Anyways, every time I try to upgrade it flashes my am error. I tried to flash the firmware on recovery mode and DFU mode. Even regular. I tried upgrade and restore buttons. Windows and Mac. Its not a server error because I have tinyumbrella redirecting from gs.apple.com in the host file. I have downloaded the 4.0 ipsw from Apple and yes I used the shift/option keys. The USB works fine. I don't know if it is Jailbroken or not because I can't find Cydia. It's running 2.2.1 right now. Any ideas on how to update/upgrade?

    2nd Generation
    Latest builds of iTunes and TinyUmbrella
    Not original computer/iTunes program that iPod was registered on
    Mac OS X 10.7(thats not a mistake) and Windows 7
    2011-04-30 04:15 AM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    Unless you have 4.0 SHSH you will be forced to the most recent firmware for your device which is 4.2.1.
    2011-04-30 04:26 AM
  3. domefavor95's Avatar
    Ok,do I need to be rooted to get SHSH?
    2011-04-30 04:38 AM
  4. Simon's Avatar
    No, you can use tiny umbrella to get SHSH without jailbreaking. Why not just go to 4.2.1 though? It is a better firmware than 4.0.
    2011-04-30 04:40 AM
  5. domefavor95's Avatar
    I don't know. It's my friends, not mine. Can you please give me some instructions or a tutorial? I tried to click Save SHSH in the TinyUmbrella program. A progress bar shows up but never moves. It says Device Connected. Thats it. Both windows and mac.
    2011-04-30 04:44 AM
  6. Simon's Avatar
    I would suggest just update to 4.2.1. Then if he wants it jailbroken you can use greenpoison rc6.1 to jailbreak it. 4.0 will run REALLY slow on iPod Touch 2G.
    2011-04-30 04:45 AM
  7. domefavor95's Avatar
    Thanks. I think I will jut tell him because he said to use 4.0 only. I think he will get mad if I try 4.2.1. If I tell him about doing 4.2.1 and that I didn't do anything he is going to freak. Can you please just give me the instructions that way I could say I did something? I think he wants to use jailbreakme.com
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    2011-04-30 04:51 AM
  8. Simon's Avatar
    Donwload tiny umbrella, connect the device and press save SHSH. It will save the SHSH for his device. If it is unable to save 4.0 SHSH then he cannot go to 4.0.
    2011-04-30 04:54 AM
  9. domefavor95's Avatar
    Thanks. Just found out that it is running GreenP0sin already. Saving SHSH is not working because it says Device is Connected. Thats it. Log: No SHSH can be found. Oh well...

    Thank You!
    2011-04-30 04:59 AM
  10. Simon's Avatar
    Huh? If it is on 2.2.1 it isnt running greenpoison.
    2011-04-30 05:01 AM
  11. domefavor95's Avatar
    When I go into DFU mode then use Umbrella to "Fix Recovery", it flashes with a crash screen that has GreenP0sin on the top.
    2011-04-30 05:03 AM
  12. Simon's Avatar
    Why are you using the fix recovery option?
    2011-04-30 05:06 AM
  13. domefavor95's Avatar
    At first, I couldn't find a way to get out of DFU mode(I know I am stupid for not googling), the option of exit recovery was gone, so tried the last option(I am really stupid now)
    2011-04-30 05:09 AM
  14. Simon's Avatar
    2011-04-30 05:10 AM
  15. domefavor95's Avatar
    Wait, can I try to use this method? Click Me
    2011-04-30 06:29 PM
  16. Simon's Avatar
    That is a old article using a old version of tiny umbrella.
    2011-05-01 12:24 AM
  17. imans's Avatar
    Can you please give me some instructions or a tutorial? I tried to click Save SHSH in the TinyUmbrella program.
    2011-11-18 04:15 AM
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