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    I finally got to jailbreak my 4.2.7 iPhone 4. It was successful....sort of.

    I realized all my contacts, apps, pictures, etc were gone!

    So I synced with iTunes (did not restore to factory settings), got half my apps back, all my contacts, and all my pictures.

    Therein is the problem. Half of the apps that didn't come back on my phones were the ones I purchased!

    I go to the AppStore, and one game for an example I didn't have on my phone that I did before (it was free at the time), is now $0.99! I click on the $0.99 thinking oh, well my phone will remember I "purchased this app for free" and it turns blue saying "Buy Now".

    Now if I click Buy Now, will it credit my card with a $.99 purchase? Or will it recognize that I had it before for free and not credit it?

    I go into my Purchase History, and it's there! (Along with Fight Night, Need For Speed, Tiny Wings, etc that obviously has increased in price when I got those for $0.99)

    I go to my iTunes Library Apps section and the games are not there.

    Any help?

    Anything else I should do with Cydia that a newbie should know?



    I would also like to say that I think it might have been something to do with updating the iTunes to the newer version. But I still would think I'd be able to get the purchased apps back considering it's in my purchased history!

    Where are all the experts?
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    Make a call to Apple store!!!
    2011-05-09 10:37 AM
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    Make a call to Apple store!!!
    2011-05-09 10:55 PM