1. que22's Avatar
    Ok, I had to restored my jailbroken 1st gen iPad due to my gf doing something crazy to it. I restored it from 4.3 back to 4.3 using my SHSH from tiny umbrella. Rejailbroke my ipad using redsn0w and everything went smoothly. The issue is is first off cydia's icon is green and there's no picture, secondly when you go to cydia it instanly crashes and goes back to the homecreen. Idk what to do from this point on, i've tried restoring again (twice) and rejailbreaking and nothing has worked. i've tried restarting my ipad and to no avail that doesn't work either....PLEASE HELP!!!!
    2011-05-06 09:12 AM
  2. bondkt's Avatar
    go to 4.3.2 and re jb, it will work fine
    2011-05-06 10:32 AM