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    Was downloading Springtomize I believe,I then restarted Springboard and it took around 10mins and still nothing. So then I held power home to turn it on again. Still nothing. I think I am on my 5th time, and it's been 30mins. And now it shows the spinning wheel.

    I heard somewhere that I can plug it into the computer, open iTunes, and then leave it for 10-15mins and it'll be fine? I'll try that.


    So I've left it plugged and iTunes is open. Screen is still showing the Apple logo with the spinning circle but now it's showing "Syncing "iPod Touch" (Step 1 of 5). Hopefully this is a good sign?

    EDIT 2:

    Screen went darker and then iTunes lost connection with it (not showing). This happened when it was doing the Sync scanning bar. Oh boy...

    EDIT 3:

    Guess it's just a cycle. It connects, backs up hardly anything, goes to sync, disconnect. Then screen goes dark. Rinse, repeat.

    Help anyone?
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    2011-05-08 03:03 AM
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    Put it into dfu mode.plug the phone into iTunes then Hold power and home for 10 seconds then let go of power button continuing to hold onto the home button
    2011-05-08 04:18 AM
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    That will get it out of the Apple Logo?
    Will I need to restore or anything? Or after that it'll be back to normal.
    2011-05-08 07:32 AM
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    Oh sorry. You'll have to restore it. Or if its on iOS 4 you could try. Mes's (another members) emergency ramdisk access
    2011-05-08 07:35 AM
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    Is there any other way? Hopefully restoring will be my last resort as I haven't synced/backed up in awhile leaving me to lose A LOT of stuff.

    Ugh, I don't have iOS 4 either.
    It's iPod Touch 2G- 16GB, iOS 3.1.2
    2011-05-08 07:38 AM
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    Oh. Umm
    2011-05-08 07:38 AM
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    Hmm, maybe someone else has ideas?

    Also saw to leave it on the Apple Logo for a long time and then it'll boot into safe mode? It won't hurt to try, and I'll leave it on overnight.
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    2011-05-08 07:06 PM
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    Just wait. That's what I did when my 2G iPod got stuck. It eventually went into safe mode. Don't reboot it a ton. That just restarts it back to the beginning.
    2011-05-08 09:01 PM
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    Kk, I'll leave it plugged in for the whole day then.
    The cycle is: Dim => Bright => Spinning Circle => Frozen Circle => Repeat.
    2011-05-08 09:22 PM
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    Nothing now. iPod has been left on the Apple Logo for 24hrs and still nothing.
    Any other ideas that might not involve restoring yet?
    2011-05-10 03:13 AM
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    My only option to give now apart from restoring is: If you can..... SSH into your iPod and remove the tweak manually. And then reboot it again.
    2011-05-10 05:18 AM
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    Is there a thread or more info on this SSH thing?
    Would SSH work in the sense that if SSH DOES NOT work, I can still go to where I'm at right now and look for other methods besides restoring?

    I'd still rather have a working iPod that has lost stuff then a non working one.
    2011-05-10 07:20 AM
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    If you don't know what SSH is, you probably don't have it. In order to SSH, you need to download OpenSSH from Cydia and know your iPod's IP address. You could try Disk Aid Tool.I don't know if it would work but it doesn't hurt to try. Its like SSH except you need to plug in your iPod to the computer.
    2011-05-10 02:30 PM
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    I'll try Disk Aid .

    It's this right? Download DiskAid
    Then follow Getting Started With DiskAid for instructions or is there a thread here?

    What do I delete with DiskAid? I use it to remove the problem or to transfer all my files?
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    2011-05-10 04:54 PM
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    I have no idea where springtomize is but your ask on a new thread or ask the developer.

    Also, did the boot loop happen when you downloaded the tweak or when you tapped the repsring button in the springtomize settings? Because I have springtomize but I haven't used it yet.
    2011-05-10 09:10 PM
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    Don't know what else to do now..
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    Bump! Please new ideas!
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    help pleasee.
    2011-05-15 03:00 AM
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    i need help wit dis 2

    and i cant put my device in dfu
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    2011-05-16 04:08 AM
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    get ifunbox and on the search section type springtomize
    2011-05-17 03:59 AM