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    (all images are straight from my phone, so no photoshop!)

    'Utopia HD' is a quite a unique vertical scrolling DreamBoard theme with pages, scrolling bars and widgets.

    Suggestions and ideas are always appreciated...

    This theme comes with:
    - Full HD DreamBoard theme with quite some feature
    - SBSettings Theme
    - Lockscreen (winterboard)

    Things I come:
    - More custom app-icons (dreamboard)
    - if nessesairy, theme-fixes (dreamboard)

    - Dailer-skin (winterboard)
    - MediaPlayer-skin (winterboard)

    Theme v. 1.2 is just Released and is also available in DreamStore!

    DreamBoard part is as good as done! Just have to figure out if it's possible to have differed label positions, because they aren't right for the ones in the Important-tweaks/-apps scrollbar...
    Recent Changes with beta:
    - more category-menu's
    - Game category-menu is scrollable
    - Made a settings menu:
    choose SMS-app
    Slideshow changer (standard images, or camera images)
    - Hidden Utopia page (Was planning on making a whole 'new world' behind the theme, but it became to slow, so... right now it doesn't have much on it, but will place something on there if some good idea comes along... for now it's more like a secret place and it has one app-placeholder in it.
    - Aligning fixed
    - CallMe buttons-space added
    - RSS-menu
    - Weather-settings is working now!

    Edit: 10-05-2011
    - CallMe menu now automatically shows your contacts (only the ones that are setup with CallMe app!)
    - StatusBar is themed for older versions

    But a more important add-on:
    I added an 'Extra' folder which contains:
    - LIGHT-VERSION (without the popup widgets) Saves quite some RAM!!
    - Full version (in case you switched to Light and want to get back
    - Celsius configuration
    - Fahrenheit configuration
    HOW TO's are included in the folders!

    well, that's about it!

    SBSetting-theme is pretty much done as well, will make some missing icons on request.

    Thanks to all of you who donated and hope you enjoy this theme!!

    Release process: V. 1.2 RELEASED!!

    Price: Euro 2,35

    For iPhone 3gs:
    Buy 3gs version Here

    For iPhone 4 see this thread:
    Utopia HD iPhone 4

    (Will send the theme to you as soon as possible after receiving confirmation, but might take a couple hours, so be patience.)

    [ame=]YouTube - Utopia HD v.1[/ame]
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    It looks really awesome, I'll contact you through PM for another payment option.
    2011-05-12 05:47 PM