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    Thanks Rum.
    2011-06-19 01:10 PM
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    Made a wall just now goes good with this theme

    awesome wall bro

    Noki Darksid3

    This is a Slave Theme addon, run ontop of the noki black hd theme. Most of my other used stuff is already here in the thread like ls sb widget, my springjumps and liveweather icon.

    Credits to nemo, shock, iphone45, xsite57 not sure who made the black icon and the black glass option.

    Hope you guys enjoy, will update the download with some loading screens.
    Walls included in the package

    Nuff said, grab it here: noki blk darkside snkr.rar
    mad props bro thanks
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    2011-06-19 01:22 PM
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    I apologize if this was answered already and I missed it, but do you think it would be possible to make any of those settings icons, or help me figure out the location in the package you hve created? Im so close to having the whole thing themed that those few stick out a lot
    Bank of America

    Were those included in the package you put together?
    TIA! I really appreciate all your hard work!
    Are you Aaron that posted on Theme it blog? If you are Aaron and this is what I posted. I love to help but like I said on previous post, that I don't know why I keep having the black square box around the appstore icons. like this .
    That's why I only made icons for you and you have to ask some ppl to help you out because I couldn't do it. Sorry, bro. I wish I can help you out. I wonder if the 4.3.3 that gave me this problem?

    Here you go Aaron. I don’t have your apps, so you have to find out yourself how to theme it. Basically, you can easily found out with iFunbox–>User Applications–>pick like Bank Of America and in there you should see “info.plist”–>open it with wordpad and look for bundlerindentifiername –make the folder out of it name. For the icons, you have to tried them all. Like icon.png, iconsmall. etc. you should it in the Bank of America folder. You have to keep trying. Read my explaination above. Hopefully you will get it.

    2011-06-19 02:22 PM
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    2011-06-19 02:55 PM
  5. Max_Pa1n's Avatar

    2011-06-19 03:27 PM
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    Can someone turn the background white bit colour of these images to pitch black and then black gloss mod and the already black background images to black gloss mod too plz thanks

    this too
    Attached Thumbnails noki theme (HD & SD)-icon-small.png   noki theme (HD & SD)-icon-8-.png   noki theme (HD & SD)-icon-9-.png   noki theme (HD & SD)-applicationicon_57x57.png   noki theme (HD & SD)-icon-small-50.png   noki theme (HD & SD)-icon-3-.png   noki theme (HD & SD)-icon-4-.png   noki theme (HD & SD)-icon-11-.png  

    noki theme (HD & SD)-icon.png   noki theme (HD & SD)-icon-10-.png   noki theme (HD & SD)-fd.png   noki theme (HD & SD)-sm.png   noki theme (HD & SD)-appicon-2x.png   noki theme (HD & SD)-applicationiconpro.png   noki theme (HD & SD)-media_httpiphoneiconc_mjhrk-scaled500.png  
    Attached Images noki theme (HD & SD)-icon-2-.png 
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    2011-06-19 03:52 PM
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    i think is Ethnocentric....

    @Snake....here are all Noki Wht/Black icons i have....

    Attachment 531280

    Attachment 531279
    Superb Bro very appreciate this
    2011-06-19 04:32 PM
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    THOR, please can you re post all your icons?

    (white SB icons)

    Thank you !!!
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    2011-06-19 04:53 PM
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    2011-06-19 06:17 PM
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    Thanks for the walls Max, love it!!
    Attached Thumbnails noki theme (HD & SD)-003.png  
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    2011-06-19 06:21 PM
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    Thanks for the walls Max, love it!!
    Looks really thick Bro
    2011-06-19 06:59 PM
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    Top notch walls Max.
    2011-06-19 07:07 PM
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    Top notch walls Max.
    Learning as I go lol
    2011-06-19 07:14 PM
  14. TheBannedOne's Avatar
    Learning as I go lol
    Hardly. I went threw the Elite PRO HD Thread the other day. (All 1900 pages) You've come a long way
    2011-06-19 07:19 PM
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    getting ready for K's new theme......

    what icons are these from?
    2011-06-19 08:10 PM
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    @Sneakerpimp very nice darkside mod! do you have Weather and photos icons?
    2011-06-19 08:32 PM
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    Happy Fathers day to all the new MMI dad's and the old ones too .....Gab Rum Max Lao to name a few ....

    "We are sheep among wolves, be wise as serpents yet innocent as doves"
    Gone Baby Gone
    2011-06-19 08:52 PM
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    Happy Fathers day to all the new MMI dad's and the old ones too .....Gab Rum Max Lao to name a few ....
    +1 have a great fathers day everyone
    2011-06-19 09:20 PM
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    Now i'm satisfied
    THX to y'all 4 that great mods!!!
    2011-06-19 09:36 PM
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    1 more

    2011-06-19 09:38 PM
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