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    Hey, I just finished my WinterBoard Theme Builder that easily allows anyone to make their own themes pretty quick and easy. My friend made their own theme with it to test it out, and it turned out pretty well. Take a peak:

    I'm trying to get it known by a lot of people. From what I understand there is a free theme builder called, but I didn't like it so I made this one. It doesnt have that fancy interface, but it is very fast and super simple. You can change every image on the entire iPod Touch or iPhone. Sliders, any icon can be changed. You could change the media player pause and play buttons. Here's a code to get a free theme out of it if you are interested: 122AD46A-1C32-4034-8BC6-F6843D0C4E25

    Go to it now by clicking here
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    2011-05-11 03:06 AM
  2. ICydiaify's Avatar
    Love it thanx man
    2011-05-12 08:37 PM
  3. stumpy308's Avatar
    Love it thanx man
    Thanks! If you have any suggestions though, do tell. It's like brand new so it needs a lot of work
    2011-05-12 09:38 PM
  4. Sapphica's Avatar
    The link isn't working to download the program?? Have another link?
    2011-05-13 03:27 AM
  5. ICydiaify's Avatar
    How did you make it could you make a tutorial and send me the link
    2011-05-13 04:39 PM
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    You should make it to where you can customize like the settings app and the dialer in the phone app. Basically like the basic stock apps and the most important this you should include is messaging app. Custom bubbles and color options, and maybe the fonts, font colors and different camera buttons and send buttons idk if it's too deep but this would be killer if you could get this on your theme builder I like codethemed I've built a lot of themes but it does lack many components lol my favorite thing about is I can download people's shitty icons and make them better using ps or using peoples I icons period lol but but you should deff try to make that a possibility
    2012-02-12 04:21 AM
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    The next big thing that I have actually been working on is getting the stock apps to be customizable, because I have never seen another theme builder ever do that, and surprisingly enough I'm testing it all with the settings app. The Music app is also extremely customizable so I think that will be a big thing to add to it as well. But remember, I've single handedly developed the entire thing and I'm only 16, so I still have school and such to worry about which sadly makes it so I cannot put as much time as I'd like into this. But I do get around to things and when I do, it'll be the deciding factor between codethemed and iThemed. I no this doesn't belong in here, but I'm also making it support creating Android themes along with iOS themes.
    2012-02-12 04:28 AM
  8. Brendonwlf's Avatar
    That's awesome dude I'm 19 lol and I wish I could create something like that haha if you would like some help I'd be glad I have some free time but like you I still have school and a job but I could definitely help you anyway I could and I don't need credit or anything I just like to learn how to do this kind of stuff and I'm sure doing this I could learn how theming works more than I know already lol but still I'd really like to help if you need it.
    2012-02-12 04:46 AM