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    I have a question for the masses. Is there a website or listing that displays all image names and/or locations for iOS4?

    Background: I have been modding/theming my iDevices since the first iPhone. So I am very familiar with all this. My specific question is, for example, take the iPod app. When you are viewing your library of albums and it is broken down in alphabetically order, the blue image/bar that houses the "letter", what is the name of that blue bar's image and where is it located. I have changed about 75% of the stock images so I have great understanding on the process. But it is just the minor images now that I want to change. So, is there a list of EVERY image/icon within the iOS 4? When I search on MMi and google, all I seem to find are the listings for things like app icons, WiFi/Signal Bars, battery icons, etc. I reall would love someone to help me with this so I can complete my theme.



    Come on people!!! Over 100 views of my post with no response back yet!! Someone has to know where I can find what I'm looking for.
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