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    Ok so I recently installed the iNitsua Z Twilight theme. What I did was use Iphone folder, then go to the theme folder, where all my other themes are at, and I made folders for the iNitsua Z Twilight theme. Since I can't find Summerboard, I use Winterboard for these themes, They work, but I'm getting a problem. Whenever I enter the lock screen where I'm required to enter my password, if I enter my password wrong, the text where it says "Incorrect Password" is invisible. What I mean is that the text is hidden, as in its not even there, like it disappeared. I have a 3g Ipod Touch Firmware 4.1. Here is a screenshot:

    Uuugh...what is going on here? Can someone please help me figure this out? Thxs
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    2011-05-12 04:54 AM
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    Then don't put the theme on
    2011-05-12 10:59 PM