1. phantom.uruz7's Avatar
    im using ipod touch 4th gen running on 4.2.1
    the problem is that my battery drains out realllllyyyy quicky..
    i was watching a episode of anime on it, 20 min, and it drops 20 percent coz of dat...
    and the battery neva seems to charge all da way up to 100%. it stops at 95 even thou i charged for the whole night. and after i unplug it it drops to 87% after 5 min...

    my friends itouch 4th gen running on 4.3.1 however only drops 10% after 2 episode of anime,40min, and his brightness was on the highest...

    is it smething to do with the firmware??
    2011-05-14 06:16 AM
  2. teej1410's Avatar
    Yes, firmware can be a factor in battery life. Also, running apps in the background, brightness, wifi, Internet usage, gaming, and watching videos can also play I big part in battery life. If your iPod is jailbroken, some tweaks can also drain your battery life. My iPod is jailbroken and I say it's battery life is pretty good for what I do on it.
    2011-05-14 06:32 AM