1. holger79's Avatar
    Hello Guys,

    I read some articles here about animated Home/Lockscreens but some questions are still unanswered.

    Is there a difference between iphone4-animated lockscreens and iphone 3/3Gs?

    What is the best way to animate something?
    I read some articles realising movement through "marqee". Some did it with javascript and pngs.

    Can someone write a small tut for these methods?

    I am also very interested in knowing if someone has experiences in flash-like-deisgns. I use something like "Swishmax", that allows to convert flash animations to gif-pics. So... thatīs exactly what is needed to make a beautiful animation, isnīt it?

    ;o) thank you for your audience
    "No Sig Links- Mod Edit" - took long to find it, bro
    I love my iDevice, but android too
    2011-05-15 12:32 PM
  2. ICydiaify's Avatar
    I can't use a tut but it can be a .miv as well
    2011-05-17 12:30 AM