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    I'm on 4.3.3 and I'd like just an arrow and no text or background for the slider or everything see-through. I've tried almost all transparent sliders on cydia and they either do nothing or completely remove the slider. Then I found minislider Wich I liked but when I applied it the background of the original slider stays on top of it? Any ideas why it what I can do? Thanks
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    2011-05-16 03:19 AM
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    You need to add a few files to the Folders/TelephonyUI.framework folder. All have to be transparent.
    BarBottomLock.png (79 by 96)
    bottombarbkgndlock.png (79 by 96)
    bottombarlocktextmask.png (80 by 32)
    BarLCD.png (1 by 96)
    WellLock.png (80 by 50)(this gets rid of the inside bubble where the words are, but not the words

    To get rid of the words you need to creat a file called SpringBoard.strings

    That file get's added to Bundles/com.apple.springboard/en.lproj

    Add the line "AWAY_LOCK_LABEL" = "(ADD TEXT HERE)"
    If you don't want any text there just don't add any.

    I'm still working on my 4.3.3 theme and still working all the tweeks.
    If you have any questions just ask.
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    2011-05-17 07:02 AM