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    EVOLUTION is back on your iPhone4 and iPod4, better than ever:

    Fully supports English, German, French and Dutch

    AVAIABLE NOW at Cydia, ThemeIt and iThemeSky
    Version 1.3

    Fast, lightwight and easy to setup theme
    Beautiful large vertical scrolling icon-bars
    Widget with HD-animated analog clock, date and live Weather
    ALL CLOCK/WEATHER WIDGETS FULLY support English, German, French and Dutch language, simply switchable at WinterBoard
    LCD Clock, Blue and Classic Green
    RSS-Reader widget, simply switchable on and off at Winterboard
    Icon and Theme Templates
    New UI with themed stock apps and BiteSMS.
    303 extra-large icons
    Loading screens
    Icon mask (for smaller icons)
    Lockscreen, Battery, Lockinfo and SBSettings themed

    3 build-in clockstyles/widgets each with fully support for 4 languages (English, German, French, Dutch) !

    Basicly InfiniBoard, Gridlock and Iconoclasm
    For using folders it is recommended to use only small unthemed icons or use FolderEnhancer because only FolderEnhancer can display 5 icons in a row.
    For using multitasking it is recommended to use MultiFlow because this huge icons certainly overlap at apples taskswitcherbar.

    1. (Purchase, install) and then enable EvolutionHD and ONE of the English, German, French or Dutch widgets at WinterBoard
    a) if you want no labels enable also the NoLabels Tweak at WinterBoard
    b) if you want the Newsreader enable also the Newsreader Theme at WinterBoard
    2. Setup Iconoclasm for a 5x5 layout
    3. At InfiniBoard enable "Top on Paging" and make sure that "hide behind dock" is disabled.
    4. Place allways one icon among each other, as many as you want on every page, leave the first row on every page free (to see the widget).

    NOTE: Don't place icons at the dock. The Dock is not used for EvolutionHD at all.
    If you have issues with placing icons, you can disable this theme at WinterBoard and first place your icons.
    At this Video you can see that i "parked" a icon at the not-used dock to sort it in easier:

    Start SBSettings, press More - SBSettings Theme and choose EvolutionHD

    Start Settings, press LockInfo - Lockscreen - Appearance - Select Theme and choose EvolutionHD

    Weather Setup:
    NOTE: For rewriting the Weather.html use iFile on your iPhone or a simple text editor like "Editor" (on any PC) NOT a HTML editor.
    1. Find your Location Code here: Weather Location Codes/IDs
    For US users: open this webside: Yahoo! Weather - Weather Forecasts | Maps | News , search for your town, then open "Extended Forecast" and now take a look at the adressbar of your browser where you see something like "...USCA1234..." . This is the code we need now.
    2. Write in this code with iFile on your device or with a text editor on your PC/MAC to this path: Library/themes/EvoHD-Widget-ENGLISH (or German).theme/Weather.HTML. You must write in this code to every widget or just copy your rewritten Weather.html file to every Widget you use. You can also change Fahrenheit to Celsius there.

    * Is there Dreamboard Version avaiable ?
    Yes, at Dreamstore and Cydia (soon). Take a look at the separate thread for more infos.

    * Do you plan a SD version ?
    Sorry, no

    * Do you plan other language versions for the widget?
    Maybe Italian and Spanish

    * What must i do with the NewRespring graphic ?
    Download, unzip and copy the graphic to /User/Library/SBSettings/...here... and now respring

    * Can i add own feeds to the Newsreader ?
    Yes, the Newsreader shows 2 feeds: Engadet and ModmyI news. You can change that at the file Widget.html of the Newsreader.theme folder. More info at the bottom of page 31.

    * I need a black keyboard for this theme
    install Black Keyboard from Cydia (freeware)

    * Why are all of my icons unthemed ?
    Start your WinterBoard app and enable "SummerBoard Mode"

    * Why are some of my stock apple icons unthemed (Camera, Photos, Phone ...) ?
    If your device is not set to English or German language you must rename a handfull of the large stock icons at the icons folder of this theme to your own language.

    * How do i add more icons to this theme ?
    All new icons must be placed at the icons folder of EvolutionHD. Plus there must be a second icon with the same name but without "@2x", e. g. "[email protected]" and "iPod.png". For the second "useless" icon i use blanks to reduce size of this theme.PLEASE only post or request here icons that are named right and case sensitive like on your springboard (!). Bundle folders for icons are not used, because you have to create a single folder for each icon, plus have to find out first the right folder name and the icon name.

    * Why is the FindMyiPhone icon unthemed ?
    For some reason Winterboard canīt theme it, i also tried the bundle method but it doesnīt work right.

    * Canīt you make a icon mask for this large icons ?
    No, sorry, iOS canīt handle such large icon-masks, large icons must be photoshopped or requested here.

    * Can i delete the foreign language widgets that i donīt need from my iphone theme folder?

    *Is it possible to remove the labels for icons but not for the folders ?
    No, only all or nothing. But you can use the app "Rename" to make blank labels for icons. If you want no labels at all enable my EvoHD-NoLabels Tweak at WinterBoard.

    *Why is there a space between each 5 icons on my springboard ?
    This is caused bei iOS (or maybe InfiniBoard), we must live with it

    *I donīt want the lockscreen clock/widget, can i remove it ?
    Yes, delete this file: Library/Themes/EvoHD-....-.theme/LockBackground.html

    *Why is there not Battery visible while charging ?
    No theme that uses a lockscreen widget can display the battery, but you can delete the widget (see question before)

    Styleguide: Use only the given font and template and only capitalized letters except a "i" or "e" at the beginning (like iPOD). Try to use .png not compressed .jpg pictures. I would prefer icon graphics not photography for this theme but basicly you can share here whatever you want.
    PLEASE !!!! Name your icons case sensive and right ! Only share here icons with the apropriate blank icon, size doesnīt matter (or use one of the blanks from the icons folder of this theme) and name it e. g. "iPod.png". Because of a WinterBoard bug on iPhone4 the HD icons arenīt displayed if there isnīt a lowres-named icon inside the Icons folder of a theme).

    1. Search for a nice picture, load it into this template and place it between the other pictures. Make sure you have this little arrow on the left side of your picture at the list so the following mask takes effect on it and cuts it right.

    2. Press the [T] symbol on the left side of photoshop, move the mouse over the iPOD text and rewrite it to whatever you want. Thatīs all, now name the icon right e. g. "[email protected]".

    Credits (WIP): Ian Nicoll and holdemdogg for widget coding
    cocotherat, ChrisBarto, Darka5sa5sin, TexasDeltaSig for making icons and mods

    All Graphics, Code and Templates are for private use only.

    Blue UI Mod.
    This free mod is made by KENSIV and replaces most green graphics of this theme and UI with a cool blue color.
    DOWNLOAD here please: Evolution HD BlueUIMod.zip
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  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    Looks sexy as hell cant wait to check it out
    2011-05-17 08:11 PM
  3. Them3this's Avatar
    Jesus thats a sexy winterboard theme, cannot wait for this. And the 25 themes that will try to copy it after ..
    2011-05-17 08:17 PM
  4. italodance's Avatar
    omg DUDE finally U BACK with ur evolution long time waiting but i want to run it on my 3gs SD

    dude i really like you
    2011-05-17 08:27 PM
  5. ChrisBarto's Avatar
    einfach nur geil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2011-05-17 08:28 PM
  6. italodance's Avatar
    hey what do u want to do with folders? using big icons with NoFolderPreview.dylib? thats right man
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    2011-05-17 08:34 PM
  7. AWSUM's Avatar
    2011-05-17 08:50 PM
  8. chefjayhawk's Avatar
    When and where will this be available? looks awesome!!
    2011-05-17 10:09 PM
  9. Yugo's Avatar
    Looks cool dude
    2011-05-17 10:45 PM
  10. EdgeNsketch's Avatar
    I'm glad you brought this back! I own all the evolution series. I will definelty be waiting on this one. Only if you're going to make a SD version. Say yes
    2011-05-17 10:57 PM
  11. AWSUM's Avatar
    Can i hit THANX again???
    2011-05-17 11:19 PM
  12. Blue's Avatar
    I'm glad you brought this back! I own all the evolution series. I will definelty be waiting on this one. Only if you're going to make a SD version. Say yes
    Probably not, maybe someone wants to port to SD and test all this for me later. The reason is simple: I have no SD device anymore and on ten HD theme downloads comes one SD theme

    hey what do u want to do with folders? using big icons with NoFolderPreview.dylib? thats right man
    yes, EHD will include some folder icons

    When and where will this be available? looks awesome!!
    Hard to say, give me around two weeks because only the springboard, widgets and some icons are ready.

    I just fixed a bug, realligned the clock, made a better background and reworked the logo at bottom (see new screenshots at post one please)
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    2011-05-18 12:44 AM
  13. EdgeNsketch's Avatar
    No worries, my contract is up in January. Probably time to upgrade my phone, maybe pick up the iPhone 5 if it comes out by then.
    2011-05-18 01:00 AM
  14. chefjayhawk's Avatar
    Cool, can't wait to try it out!
    2011-05-18 03:22 AM
  15. JesseDegenerate's Avatar
    You should check out dreamboard after 1.1.1, we have ways to conserve a ton more ram now
    2011-05-18 04:05 AM
  16. Dark_Ninja's Avatar
    Yesss! Evolution was the first iPhone theme I ever purchased on my iPhone 3G lol. Was one of my favorites. I still have it!
    2011-05-18 04:10 AM
  17. .:JimmyL:.'s Avatar
    2011-05-18 05:02 AM
  18. TheBeastSS2's Avatar
    can't wait
    2011-05-18 05:12 AM
  19. ReBourne's Avatar
    Wow finally my number 1 favorite theme from 3gs has come to iphone 4 yes thank you looks amazing
    2011-05-18 05:27 AM
  20. italodance's Avatar
    Probably not, maybe someone wants to port to SD and test all this for me later. The reason is simple: I have no SD device anymore and on ten HD theme downloads comes one SD theme

    count on me,i can do it for you,already did that for many themes here like DeZire SD
    2011-05-18 06:06 AM
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