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    hi, im a little new to the whole iphone moding and stuff and i really need some help with a few things

    i just got the gyro hd on dreamboard but there are a few things i wanna change that i dont know how to D:

    1: i wanna remove the little facebook widget(the thing on the left) on the side since i dont use fb. (i have already tried deleting the widget with ifunbox)
    2: i wanna change the app shortcut i.e i wanna replace the fb app shortcut to another app (i have found how to do this the problem is that i dont know how to find the path to the other app (the thingy)) or change the sms shortcut to open BiteSMS instead of normal sms

    tyy for all help
    2011-05-19 06:11 PM
  2. phatcamaro's Avatar
    1) to remove it just navigate to the /var/mobile/library/dream board folder. Then find the widgets folder & delete the facebook folder. That should do away with that. You may also need to delete the a couple images in the image folder as well to remove the background part.

    2) To find the path of the app you want to change it to navigate to /var/mobile/applications, you'll then have to just click each folder until you find the app your looking for. Then open the app folder & open the info.plist. Then look for the bundle identifier name. This process is easier done with ifile on the device itself otherwise you'll need to use fun box & will need a plist viewer. Once you have the identifier just put that same name into the plist of the dream board themes plist.

    Do the same for the SMS application. Also if the plist says something like "launch" make sure to copy that bitesms identifier in that spot as well. Not all plist do this but if your theme does be aware.
    2011-05-19 08:34 PM
  3. estoy's Avatar
    ive already tried deleting it, didnt work, all that happens is that instead of showing facebook the screen is empty

    but the other thing worked now i got the stuf i want, just need 2 get rid of that window now D:

    woho after a few hours of looking around and changing stuff i found it!

    all i needed to do was delete the following lines, btw i use notepad++ so its easy

    <string>/DreamBoard/Gyro HD/Images/Frame.png</string>

    and now i realized i can put whatever i want in there yay, so got a new question, what would be cool to throw in to that new empty space? and how to do that? hehehe tyy alot
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    2011-05-19 11:16 PM