1. Adilcoolrocks's Avatar
    I just love that water wallpaper, could someone please point me to it? Thanks!
    2011-06-25 10:30 AM
  2. sahandii's Avatar
    iSimple 1.1 sent to MMi for approval!

    - Keyboard support for facebook widget.
    - Added badge graphic.

    2011-06-25 06:41 PM
  3. trueaznballa07's Avatar
    The theme is beautiful sahandii, but would it be possible to institute a "blank" page so as to fully display the wallpaper? Just a "page" where nothing but the transparent four square tab box at the bottom.
    Last edited by trueaznballa07; 2011-06-27 at 11:06 PM. Reason: changed 24-hour clock to 12 hour via iFile; no assistence needed.
    2011-06-27 11:00 PM
  4. Aenima133's Avatar
    Is there anyway to add pages in general? 2 pages, 3 apps a page isn't much. Thanks
    2011-06-27 11:56 PM
  5. zumspass's Avatar
    Simple and modern and sleek and...free!

    One issue I'm having is that memory somehow drops below 200MB. Anyone having the same problem?
    Maybe deleting the Facebook widget would help?

    Also a favorites grid would be nice. But overall, excellent job!
    Last edited by zumspass; 2011-06-29 at 05:41 AM.
    2011-06-29 05:36 AM
  6. rameses09's Avatar
    Yes also having the memory leak, the facebook widget lags everything else looks great tho. i want to see this theme evolve
    2011-06-29 10:32 AM
  7. sahandii's Avatar
    trueaznballa07 & Aenima133: I'm gonna make som more .plist presets soon, where there's gonna be more presets & icons.

    I've send a new 1.1.2 package where the RAM issue is fixed guys. Enjoy!

    2011-06-29 08:07 PM
  8. trueaznballa07's Avatar
    trueaznballa07 & Aenima133: I'm gonna make som more .plist presets soon, where there's gonna be more presets & icons.

    I've send a new 1.1.2 package where the RAM issue is fixed guys. Enjoy!

    Sounds good. I can't wait for Cydia to update so I can download the new version! Btw, when I view my whole app grid list, there are only icons but no text name labels for the icons. Is anyone else running into that problem? I am,of course, up to date w/ the Dreamboard releases.

    See below:
    2011-06-29 09:36 PM
  9. Samberg865's Avatar
    Can we request some icons?
    2011-06-30 08:26 PM
  10. sahandii's Avatar
    of course :-)
    2011-07-01 10:11 PM
  11. sparksjr's Avatar
    Clean and simple. Nice

    2011-07-01 10:32 PM
  12. zumspass's Avatar
    My labels for icons in the AppGrid are also missing. Any way I can make them appear?
    2011-07-02 05:58 AM
  13. quickgamer_12's Avatar
    Hi can someone please teach me how to add another page or 2 so i can fit more app icons? thanks
    2011-07-15 07:43 AM
  14. quickgamer_12's Avatar
    Hi I have managed to make another page, added 3 more apps to that page, but the icon image is not showing up? when I tap that space, I can open that app, please help? thanks
    2011-07-16 03:49 AM
  15. M0DK1NG's Avatar
    Nice work! what font are you using on the big icons?
    2011-07-19 10:19 AM
  16. aiden7690's Avatar
    Hey I am brand new to dreamboard and themes, but I have been using this theme as my practice/learning template. I figured out that for the clock widget you need to set userinteraction to false in order for you to click on the whole app, otherwise you can only click on the bottom right corner of it. Just thought I would throw that out there.
    2011-11-20 01:25 PM
  17. kylesullivans's Avatar
    I know this is a pretty old thread now, but can someone please help me with adding new pages to this. I really love this but want to add a bit more functionality to it.

    Figured it out!!

    Also just thought I'd mention that I'm beginning to modify this theme and make it a lot better. Already have a nice updating calendar widget.

    - going to add both twitter and facebook pages instead of just facebook.
    - see what i can do about getting a photos slideshow widget put together
    - and even more hopefully

    Would anyone know how i could edit this to allow for on the fly changes and adding of apps to the home screen? :/

    stay tuned!
    Last edited by kylesullivans; 2012-01-08 at 07:39 AM.
    2012-01-06 07:11 PM
  18. kimmy05's Avatar
    where can i get the wallpapers for this one? I just want my lock screen to have the same wallpaper. (: thanks! nice theme.

    I just want to ask, the iPod box does not work on iPhone 4, is that supposed to be like that?

    Is the iPod box really not working on iPhone 4?
    Last edited by kimmy05; 2012-01-08 at 09:35 AM.
    2012-01-08 09:15 AM
  19. mrskull007's Avatar
    This is probably one of the best themes out there!

    However the ipod button doesn't work ...any pointers on how to make it work?

    2012-01-19 08:08 PM
  20. iamtheodork's Avatar
    Lovely theme.

    However, when I go to the edit mode it doesn't edit the icon? Any help would be great, thanks.
    2012-03-29 10:31 PM
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