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    Alright after some research, I have found that the previously submitted instructions on how to create a fullscreen iphone 4 vwallpaper just didn't cut it. There were too many programs required, it was for windows, and I still wound up with a letter box look for the vtone. Now, Ill be the first to admit I did not come up with this on my own. I used the previous guy's instruction (Can't remember his name, but I got it from sinful forums) and I read some of the forums from Jet's vRingtones Collection forum on modmyi. This is what worked for me on mac it's fairly simple:

    Items Needed:
    1. Jailbroken iPhone 4 (prob the same for the other generations but this is what I have)
    2. Xilsoft Video Converter 6(XVC6),
    3. Cyberduck or any other SSH software (You'll need this to put the vtone on your phone)
    4. Vwallpaper app from cydia there are other forums on getting this.


    1. Open XVC6 the first thing we are going to do is make a template for the format required for vringtones. on the bottom where it says profile click the drop down and scroll to generic video format and choose MP4.

    2. On the right hand side of XVC6 where you see "Video Size" highlight and delete "Auto" or whatever is in the box and type in 320x480 (You must type this it is not in the drop down box) For Video and Audio quality drop down menus choose high quality. Leave the split box alone.

    3. Bring your attention to the top of the right side where you see "Basic Settings" click that. A drop down menu will show click video codec. Scroll down to where the "Zoom" drop down box is and choose Full (Keep Aspect ration). Don't touch anything else in this menu.

    4. At this point we have made our template so back to the bottom at the "Profile" drop down menu we chose earlier and click "Save As" I chose to call it Vringtone, but you choose what you like.

    5. Now click the Add File icon, which looks like the play symbol with inside a movie reel with a plus sign, or just drag the file you want to make the vtone with.

    6. This is the tedious part per say. Ensure the video you just added has a check in the box and is highlighted. Then bring your attention back to the left side of the window and click the play button. Use the progress bar to quickly get to the point of the video you want your vtone to start then quickly stop the video. Observe the time you stopped the video at. You will need this in the next step.

    7. Bring your attention back up to the top where "Basic Settings" is. DON'T CLICK IT. There is an arrow to the right of basic settings that is pointing to the right. Click it and a box will appear in the middle of the window.

    8. Find the start time box (Second from the top) and type in the video stop time from step 6 and type it in verbatim. The format should be exactly like this "00:01:35" with out the quotes. In the "Length" box which is the next box, in the same format type "00:00:40" with out the quotes (I always use this but you can go shorter or longer). Also go down to Aspect ratio and choose 4:3 (I'm not sure if the aspect ratio part is necessary, but I did it just to be safe)

    9. DON'T CLICK APPLY TO APPLY TO ALL. Just click the x button up top. Then click in the file's name box and rename it to whatever you want it to be.

    10. I haven't figured out a way to preview so the final step is to click the green convert button, and voila it will go to what ever folder you chose in the destination block.

    11. Use Cyberduck to SSH into your phone (If you don't know how to do this google it)

    12. Drag and drop your new vtone to var/mobile/Media/Skrew/vRingtones, this folder will not be here if you haven't installed vWallpapers app from cydia.

    That's it.

    If this helped please click the thank you button. Please don't re-post these instructions I would prefer you post the link to this forum if you want to share the instructions.
    2011-05-25 09:59 AM
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    perfect tutorial!! i was having many issues with making them
    2011-07-17 01:58 AM