1. seevic's Avatar
    hey guys ,i was wondering if someone can help me or tell me if its even possble to do what id like to do ,ok here we go ,, i got a clock widget that shows up on my springboard that tels me live time ,this shows up on all my scrolling pages as i like it to . now what i would like to do is create an invisible clock icon and place over top of this widget so when i hit the center of the clock widget , the clock app will open ok well thats not really hard to do but my big question is??? can i make it so when im on my 3rd or 4th springboard page it will do the same as on my 1st page ????since its a widget its like placed on springboard like its a wallpaper or something so it doesnt scroll like normal apps do when swipping ur finger from page to page .now is this possible can someone help me me im kinda new at this still but i like to work on my own theme and hopefully give it here if u guys like it to use .thanks in advance
    2011-05-26 09:56 PM
  2. Alfroggy's Avatar
    Hi seevic.
    Did you find a way since the time ?
    I tried exerting myself to achieving this, using the method some themes manage to multiply SpringJumps shortcuts, to no avail.
    Thanks if anyone knows a working method.
    2012-07-21 12:06 AM