1. neosaitek's Avatar
    This is the best theme I have ever used but I have only one gripe and that is the standard apps in the theme I have so far managed to get the app that corresponds with the icon to work. The ones I can't get is the alarmclock and the alternative navigation and onenote seems to have disappeared from the Internet. This means I have a wonderful theme but some of the icons do nothing. Can the creator of this theme possibly provide links to the correct application to go with the icons he has created. I downloaded twenty alarm clocks and paid for nearly all of them but not one of them is being selected when I scroll the clock icon down to alarmclock. Hope someone or the creator can give us some info on this. It's nice to have a theme where all the icons do something.

    I have only three left to get but struggling so need this help cheers
    2011-06-04 01:43 PM