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    (I put this in the "3rd Party Apps Requests" But realized afterwards that its only for iTouch and iPhone!!)

    Ive treated myself to an iPad and work and play with it downstairs, mainly when everyone is in bed because i get up hours before everyone else and the Main Computer is in the bedroom .. Anyway .. when im not using it, its sat on the side of the fire as a picture viewer, i know this is lazy, but ive started using Facetime to ring down stairs to talk to the Girlfriend but she complains that she has to get up to Answer it! Is there a way of making the iPad answer on its own? then when i END CALL on my iPhone it goes back to the Picture Viewer.? It sounds simple, and this tweak would make my life a bit better, Isnt that what these tweaks are for.?
    Thanks in advance!
    2011-06-05 10:29 AM
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    Soo, Can this not be done.?
    2011-06-09 01:35 PM