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    Over 3 Million Cydia licenses were bought until september 2010. or 500.000 applications.
    And many many German Users are part of the crowd.

    My name is holger and I am the new owner of i-addons.com.
    My plan is to design a website especially for YOU themers.

    I will create a plattform for YOU themers (in German, but I think I will translate it or let it translate in more languages). I will offer you an absolutly free showroom for your themes and mods (theme mods/weathermods). With installation instructions (if needed) and information how to get the theme (paypal-donation, cydia, ithemeit, themesky, others, links to posts...).

    I will create the page and once it is online, I will update this thread and open it for the world. I will give you all the oppotunity to give information about your themes, pics, videos and I will host the information on my payed (99,9% reachable payed webspace). As long as the costs for me are not to high: without any ads.

    Detailed information about needed description details will follow once the page is online

    I also will give people the opportunity to share there favorites on social sharing sites.
    My profit?
    I think, to test themes, and because I can not buy every single theme (without winning a million euro ) it would be recommend to have a free version of the themes... but it is definitly not required!!!!

    Your themes will not be hostet and can not be downloaded. It will be a very very (very very) big information plattform for everyone searching for themes and information about them in there foreign language.

    What do you think?

    For you to know: I bought many themes (about 50 I think) via donation, cydia, themeit, ithemesky and I am definetly a trusted customer. I will never hack themes to share them. I will protect your copyrights and I will never make themes available for others! I am just hosting pics, information, links to your favorite selling sites and nothing more.

    Please comment. I hope you like my plans
    "No Sig Links- Mod Edit" - took long to find it, bro
    I love my iDevice, but android too
    2011-06-07 02:16 PM
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    hi, i had almost the exact same idea, my site is in development and to be up and running very soon!
    2011-06-07 10:28 PM
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    i-addon is up now.

    Please provide me with information/screenshots/Videolink/descriptions/compatibility information/features of your themes ([email protected]) and I will do my best to fill my showroom.

    As a fulltime worker, I will update my page nearly every day.
    "No Sig Links- Mod Edit" - took long to find it, bro
    I love my iDevice, but android too
    2011-06-09 08:18 AM