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    How do I make a winterboard theme that will replace the info.plist of an application. (mobilemusicplayer.app)Thanks!
    2011-06-09 05:04 AM
  2. Phatmartino's Avatar
    I've played around with plists a bit, and so far I've only had success with winterboard themes applying a global info.plist in the main folder of the theme. This doesn't even work for a lot of apps and instances. This led me to do quite a bit of altering of original plists in the apps' actual folders, as I'm not trying to package a theme so far, just mod my own phone. For example with Mobile Safari I wanted to use the same UIStatusBarStyleOpaqueBlack as with the rest of my apps, and it works in the original plist, but to create a theme and put that same plist in Folders/MobileSafari.app does not work. If your intent is to just mod your own device, I haven't had any problems making copies of original plists in their original locations and changing the name part of the original, not the extention (info1.plist) so that it is not read and my new one is. If a WB theme is more all you want, it would take someone with more experience replying assuming it's possible somehow.

    Good luck either way! Reply if this doesn't help, or if I can try to help any further I'd be happy to.
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    2011-06-09 07:30 AM