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    I was wondering if someone could upload a theme were the whole lockscreen is invisible (including the slider bar and clock and everything) for iphone 4 (4.3.3). I have downloaded many themes that theme the lockscreen but none of actually theme it. instead the theme just removes the slide to unlock text which is not what i want. im not sure if its because im on 4.3.3 but please help. than k you.

    EDIT: what i actually want to do is remove the slider bkg (background) and only leave the slider visible on 4.3.3, ive tried everything and nothing works(i even tried a theme that specifically says "remove slider bkg ios4" and that didnt work)! thanks
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    2011-06-12 05:36 AM
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    Make a small, transparent png image (of any size), and place it in var/stash/yourtheme/Bundles/com.apple.TelephonyUI

    Name the file WellLock.png

    Or, if you're on a Retina Display device, name it [email protected]
    2011-06-12 06:43 AM