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    Ok, so I have a jailbroke iPhone 3GS. I recently installed Dreamboard with no problems apart from it has changed my carrier to 'Vernon' and removed the signal bars + Wifi/3G/EDGE symbol from the status bar. Is there anyway to get it back (It should say 'Orange')
    I have tried everything I can think of so far which includes:
    Uninstalling Dreamboard + All Dreamboard Themes
    Trying to change it back using StatusNamer
    I have even restored my phone back to OFW (4.3.3) & Then re-jailbroke it using RedSnow.
    But still the problem remains, is there a solution to this problem? Or is anyone else having the same problem? I have googled but not found anything useful or that I havnt already tried. It is very annoying especially as it is now impossible to tell if I have signal or not. I looked on Youtube and it appears to be a issue on some of Littleboys theme releases (Please forgive me if this is incorrect, I am trying to remember what i read awhile ago)
    Any help would be brilliant.

    Alright, here is what it looks like:

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    See how the little padlock is showing where the time should be. The battery is also not updating automatically or showing it is charging in the battery icon. It instead stays frozen at 100% after being charged fully and only updates when resprung. The 3G Icon is also showing when it is actully connected to Wi-FI.
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