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    Required Apps:
    Celeste Bluetooth transfer app(Cydia)$9.99
    iFile(Cydia) $4.00
    myTunes(Cydia) Free
    Downloads(App Store) Free or $1.99
    (Free version can only hold 7 Files)

    -Basic break down
    -myTunes to convert iPod music into readable names
    -iFile to find the music myTunes made readable
    -Celeste to send/receive the music
    -iFile to find the received music and move into Downloads folder
    -Downloads to play received music.

    [email protected]@Paths that I would highly recommend to bookmark in iFile for easier [email protected]@-----------
    myTunes folder path /var/mobile/Media/myTunes
    Received Bluetooth transfers path /var/mobile/Received

    -Sending music
    1. Turn Celeste on via SBsettings or Setting-Celeste-Receive on/off

    2. Open iFile go to myTunes folder /var/mobile/Media/myTunes

    3. Touch Edit then find the song you want to send touch the circle to the left of the song

    4.(You only have to ZIP the file if it's .m4a and contains a picture) Touch the 2nd icon at the bottom to create a ZIP file of the song

    5. Touch the circle next to the ZIP'd song file
    6. Touch the Bluetooth icon, 2nd to last icon
    7. Send via Celeste

    -Received music
    1. Open iFile go to Received Bluetooth transfers /var/mobile/Received
    2. (Only have to do these steps if the file is ZIP'd) Touch the ZIP file
    3. Touch ZIP viewer
    4. Touch the circle next to the song then the bottom right icon to extract the file

    5. Touch done
    (You can play the music in iFile, but i like to have my music stored in a App that stores just the music.)
    -Moving music to Downloads app
    1. Touch the song that you have gotten and then touch on Downloads

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    Hi, Celeste's Gremlin2 works fine on my iPhone and auto imports the received bluetooth music into the iPod presuming the Celeste setting panel has both Gremlin and Receive set to on and you haven't zipped the file.
    If you want to add music from a folder to the iPod library directly you can use PwnTunes.

    I wonder if it would be possible to enter a terminal command to tell Gremlin2 to import a photo or song directy?!
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