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    I have a Verizon iPhone 4 with 4.26 software i jail broke it with Greenpois0n I have downloaded cydia and everything works fine so i download a Nintendo 64 ROM player because im a old school gamer which uploaded and works fine to but when i tried to play a new ROM that i downloaded the ROM pops up the quickly crashes I downloaded this ROM at mod edit/link removed i have tried many ROMs from this site but now of them work can anyone help me here
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    2011-06-16 09:03 PM
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    On MMi anything that has to do with piracy or warez and at times ROM's can be considered in this category help cannot be provided. Sorry.
    2011-06-16 09:21 PM
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    Good job Stray.
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    2011-06-16 09:25 PM
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    Thank you
    2011-06-16 09:33 PM
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    ok sorry first post didnt know well are you allowed to point me in a direction to were i could get some help i own the roms i just want um on my ipod thank you
    2011-06-16 09:58 PM
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    2011-06-17 05:12 AM
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    In good spirit, I use ROMs but only for games that I actually own. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I will tell you that it's likely because the emulator you are attempting to use is likely not compatible with the firmware version you are on. There are just some apps that do not work with iOS 4.2.1/4.2.6 and up.
    2011-06-27 12:26 AM