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    Im the creator of A 1 A Premium and A 1 A Project 441, and im here at it again, and I have something HUGE.

    The theme is completely planned out, you just need to position and code it in DreamBoard
    Paypal will be needed, we will split the bill 70/30 after revenue is received! (PSST: my themes have made over 12,000 just so you can get the feel of how much you may make! ;D)

    If you think your up for the challenge, look at this image below, and using DreamBoard, create the following (think of this as your interview ;D)

    Note that all you need to do is add a background, a button and when the button is pressed, an overlaying popup appears. put some text on it, make one of the strings of text open up DreamBoard

    First one to finish this little project and email me the file for me to test, gets the job.
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