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    I purchased this theme for iOS4/iPhone4 and iOS4/iPad a year ago and finally able to jailbreak last weekend. When I restored the UINique theme on my new iPhone4S it worked fine. All icons were themed with UINique. However, on my iPad2 the majority of icons are missing with the UINique theme. I noticed there wasn't a iPad theme pack. Is there one and I missed it? Or do SD icons work with iPad2?

    Thanks in advance, and great work!


    PS - I thought there was UINique website, has it been taken down? I lost the link.
    2012-01-27 07:26 PM
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    how did u extrack the ui images from the os? i found the images with iexplorer and copied them to my pc but they turn black and photoshop says that the format cannot parse file..wtf?
    The image is black because a color channel has been flipped. To fix you need a program call iPhoneFixPng to flip the channel. Also try the program i-FunBox, it is like iexplorer but better.

    Good luck
    iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 and m17x-R2
    2012-01-29 03:18 AM
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    Can anybody tell me how to fix problem with progress bar in music player/ipod. Progress bar apears after first tap, but won't dissapear after another one. Is there any solution for that?
    2012-02-05 08:37 PM
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    Question: If I want to support changing the 3G and Edge images on an iPhone 3GS running iOS5, do I need to have additional images without the @2x (example: WhiteOnBlackEtch_DataTypeUMTS.png) or will they look ridiculous?
    2012-02-16 10:26 PM
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    See my previous post please. Anyone know?
    2012-02-17 10:29 PM
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    @2x is for retina devices I.e iPhone 4/4S
    2012-02-18 04:25 AM
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    i cant let it work under cydia running...i cant change my 3g logo and loader either...thanks for reply in advance...

    Glad to hear it buddy! Just remembered that you need to do something different for the Video and Music icons...seeing as the iPod app has been split into Video and Music. What you need to do is go to Bundles/com.apple.iPodUI and do the following. Creating some folders if they dont exist.

    Music App Icon - Cut or Copy [email protected] to directory Folders/Music~iphone and rename [email protected] to [email protected]

    Video App Icon Cut of Copy [email protected] to directory Bundles/com.apple.videos and rename [email protected] to [email protected]

    Right...I'm gonna head to bed. If anybody is willing to test for me.

    The WifiBars/Signal Bar/3G, E and G, Battery icons.

    Everything in your UIImages folder that is Black_ needs to be changed to WhiteOnBlackShadow_
    and Silver_ needs to be changed to ColorOnGrayShadow_ (Except for the Base.png e.g Silver_Base.png stays as it is!)

    e.g Black_DataTypeUMTS is now WhiteOnBlackShadow_DataTypeUMTS.png
    e.g Silver_DataTypeUMTS is now ColorOnGrayShadow_DataTypeUMTS.png

    Silver (ColorOnGrayShadow) icons work wonders!...but as i've said on my end the Black (WhiteOnBlackShadow) only shows when I bring down the Notifications Center.

    Task: If anybody is willing to try this let me know if you have the same problem as I have (stated in first post)...if you do and you happen to find a way to get the icons to show on the normal apps screen then tell us anyway and we will all give you an imaginary gold star :-P

    Haha! Night folks!
    2012-02-19 03:59 AM
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    me i'm working on Elite Pro HD for ios 5.1.1. i already fixed almost everything but trying to figure out how to theme status's icon WIFI bar,battery,3g and etc..
    2012-09-08 11:00 AM
  9. itwasntme187's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    So this has been the best theme for my idevices and i love it so much that i have started to get it to work with ios 6.1
    now i only really use the red theme and the GF uses the pink one so those are the ones i will be working on.

    So far most of it was working nicely on my iPhone 4 but i have just upgraded to an iPhone 5 and some images have failed but i am still going on with it...

    i have got lots of it looking nice and need some more time to work on it but the main problem i have is with the phone dialer. so if anyone else is having a go at this please shout out and help out

    2013-02-12 04:55 PM
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