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    h1 - new theme from henf & gaBzii
    SD port by gaBzii and R.Mortera

    h1 is FREE now. Though in Cydia still for sale, here is the DL:

    Simple interface in perfect harmony with detailed icons!
    this icon set is a tribute to my favourite icon sets Prestige, Edius and Illumine. The UI is simple and easy to read. The icons make it easy to understand what's inside and are detailed enough to make you not get bored looking at them

    Auto create icons are included (though I'm having more fun in doing the most by hand.

    AVAILABLE HERE: Themeit - CYDIA - ithemesky

    h1 was not done alone by me. Above all it is a teamwork.This theme is live mainly because of gaBzii aka jokerg7. He did a lot to improve and push this thing forward from the early beginning. He is now coding a lot widgets for our theme.
    gaBzii: Man, this is the best part of doing a theme. I had fun and on top I found a new friend. Thank you bro, u rock!----


    What is included in h1?

    - Full UI (99% themed)
    - Special weather widgets by my bro gaBzii
    - More than 100 icons and derivations for a custom look
    - Settings Icons
    - 6 walls to choose, + a shelves overlay for your own Backgrounds
    - SB Settings in 2 variants and with 40 toggles
    - SC4 theme
    - Unique Liveweather icon
    - Whatsapp skin
    - LiveClock
    - Tab2Unlock
    - Massive Icon psd for your own icons
    - Alternate chat bubbles in 3 sets and 6 colors
    - Alternate badges in 4 colors
    - ….more to come


    Thanks to the help of normal, cukhiem, Rebourne, Sino any many others, h1 now sports almost 1000 icons - check the links below to check them out! - Thank you community!

    as of 01 September 2011: more than 250 icons and derivants avaialbale

    Some of the Specials

    Loading gears from the theme creator sneakerp1mp: YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS ON THE PHONE

    Thank you friend, I LOVE it!!

    video review:

    - ellersbee
    - DefJammable
    - Sneakerpimp
    - medic88
    - Zooropalg
    - Laurabourgeois
    - j1o6sh
    - Patrick (Zuxicovp)

    At this point I would like also to thank you:
    Medic 88, Laurent, dieselletwo ellersbee and Turtlepaw, for their kind words which motivated me to proceed. U guys rock!

    DaRock for his incredible support and his amazing setups: check out the thread, You will see what I mean!

    R.Mortera for his great help during porting h1 UI to SD - man, u really do support, don't you

    Sneakerpimp: pff, what to say? this guy is unbelievable! Love your stuff! The loading gears are 100% HIS stuff.

    And a very special thanks to Zooropalg. Guy, u can not imagine what that ment to me, when u really installed the beta and gave feedback to me…Never thought, a real professional could be so kind and friendly to a newbie. I'm really happy that we have met!


    O P T I O N S :

    SpringJumps again from Top theme creator Sneakerp1mp:

    RED: h1 snkr sj.theme.rar

    Orange: h1 snkr sj orange.theme.rar

    Slideshow-Lockscreen from theme creator of h1 - Gabzii
    rotating photo LS and animated date time - Tap2Unlock Style


    Alternate Carrier logo from TOP Modder LUFT5_THOR

    Notification ribbons - h1 style

    PSD template for notification ribbons: notification ribbon-psd

    Beautifolders free addon:

    download here:

    h1 user icons colected by JLKeo:

    other icons:




    Light and easy icon template: Download here: plain

    How to use this template:

    Listen: We are no professionals, we are just guys with an iPhone passion as you. In case you can not afford the theme, please talk to us: send an email to h1 [ad] We don't want to make profit in first way...just talk to us you will get a copy

    Credits for the creativity to the creators of Illumine, Tenius, Edius and FIF7Y for their incredible work...that's why I started to make icons which brings sooo much fun

    h1 UI by henftling and gaBzii-h1-preview.png
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    2011-06-19 06:02 AM
  2. ChrisBarto's Avatar
    I like it!!!!
    2011-06-19 06:37 AM
  3. henftling's Avatar
    thank you for your kind words

    1 goodie I've done right now:
    h1 UI by henftling and gaBzii-lets-golf.png

    and the other icons look like:

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    2011-06-19 07:21 AM
  4. jokerg7's Avatar
    This is sick!
    2011-06-19 07:23 AM
  5. TheBannedOne's Avatar
    Has potential. Type of stuff you usually see on Macthemes.
    2011-06-19 07:29 AM
  6. DefJammable's Avatar
    Love the icons

    Hope to see some UI come out
    2011-06-19 07:39 AM
  7. henftling's Avatar
    Thank you. No, so far no UI is planned. So far the UI from KayzR is unbeatable for me

    Has potential. Type of stuff you usually see on Macthemes.
    Yeah, but I'm not often there and these guys are a lot more professional than me. I love this community and I'm here every day, that's why I startet the thread here
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    2011-06-19 07:57 AM
  8. henftling's Avatar
    New idea + new texture = new icon

    h1 UI by henftling and gaBzii-navigon.png
    2011-06-19 12:57 PM
  9. ellersbee's Avatar
    Go for it!!! Ive seen your work and would not mind working with you. Need any help just let me know
    2011-06-19 02:48 PM
  10. henftling's Avatar
    wow, that's nice, would be honoured
    2011-06-19 03:23 PM
  11. TheBannedOne's Avatar
    New icon is niceeee.
    2011-06-19 05:52 PM
  12. henftling's Avatar
    and a possible message icon

    h1 UI by henftling and gaBzii-whats-app.png
    2011-06-19 07:23 PM
  13. Raaj FX's Avatar
    This icon set looks sweet !
    2011-06-19 07:26 PM
  14. henftling's Avatar
    the phone icon needs some rework but I don't know what to do any ideas?
    h1 UI by henftling and gaBzii-phone4.png
    2011-06-19 09:07 PM
  15. Laurabourgeois's Avatar
    OHHHH beautifull work my friend Lov3 th3m !!!
    Follow me on DeviantArt :

    And on Tumblr : And hit thanks if i help you !!

    2011-06-19 11:28 PM
  16. henftling's Avatar
    New: AppStore alt

    h1 UI by henftling and gaBzii-icon-preview.png
    2011-06-20 09:29 PM
  17. DefJammable's Avatar
    New: AppStore alt

    h1 UI by henftling and gaBzii-icon-preview.png
    Just beautiful
    2011-06-20 09:36 PM
  18. k.nitsua's Avatar
    Great work! Looks beautiful!
    #eli7e revived me
    2011-06-20 09:37 PM
  19. henftling's Avatar
    Wow, K. Your comment means a lot to me - thanks for the post
    2011-06-20 09:47 PM
  20. jokerg7's Avatar
    the phone icon needs some rework but I don't know what to do any ideas?
    h1 UI by henftling and gaBzii-phone4.png
    try make it look like an iphone?
    2011-06-20 09:56 PM
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