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    This is my first thread and its pissing me off. I have no clue what happened and i tried to fix it myself. Might be a simple fix but im lost.
    So i dont know what happened but now my themes wont work on winterboard as far as the background wallpaper or springboard that is. I can change the wallpaper just fine but if i wanted the animated ones or widget hd themes for example initsua z, it wont work. I tried everything and put it up top of priority on wb. I turned off the user wallpaper. I tried myos. I tried reinstalling winterboard. Im thinking its a script code? But i really need help its frustrating. Please help
    2011-06-21 02:51 PM
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    Hey, don't know if I can really help necessarily, but a few questions that might help those who could:

    What iOS version are you on?

    I'm guessing, but it's not absolutely clear if these are all themes you already had, were working and then for no apparent reason stopped?

    If so, when applying at the top of the WB list, I assume you tried that with nothing else applied?

    Have you installed anything else seemingly unrelated (tweak/mod) recently?

    I'm not much of a widget/animation user, but figured I'd try to at least help the thread along...
    2011-06-21 11:41 PM
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    im running on 4.3.3 i have tried all the usual things i could think of to fix the problem. (winterboard and ssh/ifile). but still cant figure it out. i have tried to uninstall some of the latest things i put on but no luck. i just want to know how to make the wallpaper that came with the theme on the springboard work again. a few days ago they loaded to the sb just fine. am i missing something. the wallpaper is set from the settings, but is there a way to just disable this and let the wallpape from the theme load on sb. i know they are running because i see it for a microsecond when i first unlock the phone from the lockscreen or open an app. thxINadv for any help

    im pretty sure you guys have ran into this problem before. i dont want to rejailbreak and start from scratch again
    2011-06-22 02:01 PM
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    Just judging by your mention of wp being set in settings, I'm guessing that instance is one where the theme is packaged to put it's BGs in settings app which I've heard of but never had one. If it's by chance an instance of a non animated image, barring a true fix could you copy the theme's BG image(s) onto your computer and then sync it like a normal photo through iTunes, then select it through settings from your photo roll?

    Like I said not a real fix to any or all of your problems, but might ease the pain in the mean time...
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    2011-06-22 06:52 PM