1. Sweman's Avatar
    when is the beta? this is so nice!
    2011-06-23 02:08 AM
  2. bostonguy3737's Avatar
    had to stop in and see what all the buzz was about, now I know! Looks great guys look forward to the release......

    "We are sheep among wolves, be wise as serpents yet innocent as doves"
    Gone Baby Gone
    2011-06-23 02:48 AM
  3. DefJammable's Avatar
    Can't stop looking @ the screen shoot
    2011-06-23 04:08 AM
  4. primalscream.40's Avatar
    Omg think I'm gonna have to get a 32 gb phone all u bAd brothas filling mine up can't wait to check this bAdass out good job you to
    2011-06-23 04:32 AM
  5. eFXx's Avatar
    when is the beta? this is so nice!
    soon as we are happy with our product for out customers

    Can't stop looking @ the screen shoot
    well. let me give you a new one to look at .

    everyone check first post for new teaser pic
    2011-06-23 05:48 AM
  6. DefJammable's Avatar

    UI is beautiful
    2011-06-23 05:54 AM
  7. AnthonyGiola's Avatar
    Looking great guys! Really loving the design.
    2011-06-23 06:01 AM
  8. rumcajs's Avatar
    stunning detail...carrier logo is sic....wow!!
    2011-06-23 06:25 AM
  9. dadyajie's Avatar
    Hei rum tks for the icons
    2011-06-23 07:25 AM
  10. Raaj FX's Avatar
    That media player is money.
    2011-06-23 08:09 AM
  11. Darkness777's Avatar
    I have SBsettings, but I noticed that the information on this yet
    2011-06-23 08:31 AM
  12. Darka5sa5sin's Avatar
    Now that UI is sexy!I didn't think that ZUI or the Special Ed iNZTHD could be beaten but it just has!!

    Fantastic job guys
    2011-06-23 08:39 AM
  13. DefJammable's Avatar
    I have the UI pic opened in another tab & I can't stop looking @ it
    2011-06-23 08:45 AM
  14. eFXx's Avatar
    We will post up some more teaser pics tomo

    sb settings, dialer, and calculator ?
    2011-06-23 08:51 AM
  15. Zekun's Avatar
    Those icons are badass
    2011-06-23 09:45 AM
  16. The_13th_Plague's Avatar
    2nd teaser pic is doing its job! I can't wait to see your SB Settings guys!!!
    2011-06-23 10:25 AM
  17. ReBourne's Avatar

    Wow, thats a work of an art, and its only option 1, cant wait to see the #2 option
    2011-06-23 10:48 AM
  18. Jazzman UK's Avatar
    looking good guys, so this is where you been hiding Ed...
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    2011-06-23 11:01 AM
  19. iPAX's Avatar
    This is going to be a BEAST!
    2011-06-23 11:13 AM
  20. DefJammable's Avatar
    This is going to be a BEAST!

    Hell YEah
    2011-06-23 11:17 AM
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