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    hey guys, I was on 5.0, but now cant seem to downgrade to 4.2.8

    I uninstalled iTunes 10.5 and reinstalled 10.3. Enter the phone into DFU mode, select the firmware, but then it just stays with an Apple logo (been there for the past 5-10 minutes now).

    Got an error "the iPhone could not be restored: An unknown error occured (1603)"

    What can I try or do?

    wait... seems to be restoring now. WTH?
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    2011-06-27 02:40 AM
  2. Aton1x's Avatar
    Hey are you still having trouble downgrading? I can help you!
    2011-06-27 03:14 AM
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    I was able to sccesfully downgrade, thanks

    but maybe you can help me out with something else. I owned a 3G a couple years ago and my computer would recognize it as a disk drive in order to get the pictures OUT of the camera roll... well... now with this phone my computer doesnt detect the iPhone, ONLY in iTunes. So I have no real way of getting my pictures off the phone. Am I missing something here?
    2011-06-27 04:57 AM
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    just download ifunbox from i-FunBox | File Manager, Browser, Explorer, Transfer Tool for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch via USB and afcadd from cydia and connect your 3g to your pc and you can get your pictures out

    im sorry it wast afcadd it was afc2add
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    2011-06-27 02:43 PM
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    Could you help me Aton1x. I seem to be having problems downgrading. it wont let me because my build.
    2011-06-30 07:52 AM