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    I've been messing around with the Endroid theme and thought I'd share what I've done. I started with Abes theme (thanks to him for my starting point) from the main Dreamboard thread and deleted a bunch of stuff, made some changes, and added some of the stuff from the most recent Endroid theme.

    On the main page, I deleted the clock background so you can see more of the wallpaper, and added white digits for the clock. If you tap on the weather, it brings up the default weather app. If you tap on the clock, it brings up the clock app. And I took the HTC widget from the newer Endroid theme so you get the better popup keyboard when changing locations.

    The first page has the switchable facebook/twitter widget that was in Abes theme. I made no changes to this page.

    I made the third page a "favorites" page. You can add 16 apps to this page.

    A couple of other small changes - I changed the background, and I added badges from the new Endroid theme so you can see the number of notifications better.

    Here's the download link:

    My modded Endroid theme-photo1.pngMy modded Endroid theme-photo2.pngMy modded Endroid theme-photo.png
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    2011-06-28 10:36 PM
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    Not quite my cup of tea but thank you for sharing your work. Keep developing
    2011-06-29 02:41 AM
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