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    2011-06-30 04:04 PM
  2. aauspitz's Avatar
    Thanks for the fact man, if people stop complaining, I might put the link up again. But you can get the theme now...it's just that I'll need your mail
    This is a free theme
    I appreciate your hard work on this, kuanyu.

    I have EvolutionHD but, like the others, I can see the differences and I'd love to use your theme as well.
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    2011-06-30 04:14 PM
  3. kuanyu's Avatar
    Thanks guys, for your support! Check your mail guys! As the more supports i get, the link will up sooner!
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    2011-06-30 04:21 PM
  4. aauspitz's Avatar
    Thanks guys, for your support! Check your mail guys! As the more supports i get, the link will up sooner!
    Thanks kuanyu.

    I now have both BARREDHD and EVOLUTIONHD on my phone and they may look eerily similar but they are NOTHING alike.

    I like both but this is the BARREDHD thread so I'll just focus on that.

    I love all the different animations and the overall look and feel of this theme.

    For a 1st version (and free nonetheless), it's pretty amazing kuanyu.

    Please keep working on this. It has officially made it into my top 3 DB themes for daily use.

    Cheers mate.
    2011-06-30 05:27 PM
  5. Farmski's Avatar

    Animations are smooth,

    love the widgets

    the editable app grigs are very nice.

    Price is awesome!!


    Dreamboard shouldn't be a feature on the main page, i would of thought a great theme is one that you want to keep, so a feature to change it readily isnt a necessity, and the icon space could be better used.

    same with the settings for the theme, maybe assigning this to a new page for all settings/dreamboard/winterboard etc, with another appgrid to put all the settings and themeing options in, keeping APPS for usefull stuff and "settings for all the junk and crap that you accumulate for tweaks and stuff.

    a clock on the first page would be good!

    editable front sections which scroll. so you can add more... favorites?? its a shame that only the apps page scrolls.

    if editing each page is not an option, either too much like evolution again?/ or you just feel it unnecessary. putting cydia on the first page is a bit out of place.... instead phone/contacts/sms/mail

    put safari on the bottom tab, instead of dreamboard.

    and each header could be fixed at the top and the apps to scroll underneath? with a good clear clock at the top of the first page would be much better, as just the name of the theme seems to be dead space,

    good work tho, coming along nicely,
    2011-06-30 05:31 PM
  6. kakadua's Avatar
    Sir Kuanyu, I would love to try your theme
    [email protected]
    2011-06-30 06:48 PM
  7. Moose0704's Avatar
    Thanks guys, for your support! Check your mail guys! As the more supports i get, the link will up sooner!
    See... I told ya so ;-p
    2011-06-30 07:00 PM
  8. kuanyu's Avatar
    should have believed you bro
    2011-06-30 07:07 PM
  9. Pii's Avatar
    A couple of days away and there are riots all over MMI lol! Amicable agreements always benefits everyone.

    Kuanyu I would like to try your theme but will pm you my email if that is ok with you.

    2011-06-30 07:46 PM
  10. Moose0704's Avatar
    should have believed you bro
    2011-06-30 07:54 PM
  11. TheBuachaill's Avatar
    will you be adding a download link or can I give you my email? Theme looks great by the way.
    2011-06-30 08:44 PM
  12. kuanyu's Avatar
    Thanks Guys! This theme is now sent to ones that requested, @ the Buchaill, theme now on CYDIA
    2011-07-01 03:59 AM
  13. Them3this's Avatar
    This is an AWESOME theme, made by an awesome guy. He knows alot about DreamBoard and I would expect big things from Kuanyu soon. Hes been a huge help with all my themes, and I will definitely be adding in a touch of my flavor on his when he allows

    Great work bro, definitely worth the cash, and real respectful to give it out for free.

    2011-07-01 06:02 AM
  14. The 8th Immortal's Avatar
    I just got the theme from Cydia. Great job.
    I also appreciate the fact that you have a true donation set up. Whereas other themer's ask for a "donation" of $1.99 - $2.99 If i'm not mistaken that's a set fee and not worthy of being called a donation.
    You will receive a "donation" from me.

    Great job bro, on a piece of work worthy of the moniker "theme".
    2011-07-01 01:20 PM
  15. kuanyu's Avatar
    Thanks man!
    2011-07-01 01:22 PM
  16. Pii's Avatar
    Just loaded onto the phone and first impression is this is a tidy theme.
    - Excellent on RAM and no lag whatsoever
    - Simple to use and pleasing to the eye
    - Some nice transitions used which is a good touch
    - Lots and lots of PDS's supplied with the theme to enable users to mod away

    One thing I was not so keen on was that the app icons disappear when closing the app grids. I think it would look better to revisit this as the sudden black windows is a little off for me.

    I would also like to see Phone/messages/mail in the dock space. Would happily lose ipod and DB.

    Kuan do you have any plans to continue with this good theme?

    2011-07-01 03:07 PM
  17. kuanyu's Avatar
    Yes...I will take your advices
    Right now I'm adding features to it! 1.1 will be up soon!
    2011-07-01 03:18 PM
  18. Pii's Avatar
    Thank you. Good to see more people on boarding with creating themes.

    I have one more suggestion. Have you considered using the DB function that scrolls a background at a different speed from the app icons. I think this might look pretty good with this theme.

    2011-07-01 05:16 PM
  19. FrightDealer's Avatar
    Yes...I will take your advices
    Right now I'm adding features to it! 1.1 will be up soon!
    Sweet, cannot wait to try the new update!!
    2011-07-01 05:17 PM
  20. korbyn8495's Avatar
    Suggestion: Editable icons (the big ones), with the new AppIcon code, this is possible. Having the big icons as Buttons decreases the functionality a bit.

    Follow me on Twitter for updates and freebie themes!
    2011-07-02 07:59 AM
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