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    iPlasma HD/SD

    Requires: PerPageHTML/PerPageHTML+ GridLock/iBlank (if iBlank than you dont have to enable winterboard shadow removing theme) Barrel (for realness)

    This is a Revolutionary Theme, that combines PerPageHTML, and GridLock. The PerPageHTML allowing each page to have a different Wallpaper Widget, so for this theme, that ability is used to make special icons that match with the theme. This theme comes with a variety of cool things.
    • Digital Clock
    • Weather
    • Sleek Tap To Unlock
    • Custom KeyPad

    • Weather Widget Customizable
    • Special Icons
    • Digital Clock

    For the entire theme, it comes with auto-app making icons, 2 completely transparent iPod and Mail apps to match the Special Icons for Wallpaper, 48 themed icons.

    Setting Up:
    Weather Widget: SHSH into the iPhone/var/stash/themes.xxxxx/iPlasma HD/Private/. Open "LSWeather.html" in notepad or HTML editing program. You will see this line:

    var locale = "USTX1312" //Location
    var isCelsius = false; //Flase=Farahenheight, True=Celsius
    var useRealFeel = false;
    If you know your location then skip this step, go to weather.com and search up your city and get the URL like "http://www.weather.com/weather/today//USNV0049" copy the last part after the slash so USNV0049 and replace it with USTX1312. Then go to /var/stash/themes.xxxxx/iPlasma HD/PerPage/ and go through each folder, in Private/WPWeather.html and do the same exact thing.

    To enable the Wallpapers, SHSH into iPhone. /var/stash/themes.xxxxx/iPlasma HD/PerPage/ copy "Default" "Mail" "iPod" into /var/mobile/library/PerpageHTML/ then go to PerPage and enable it.

    PSDs: As usual PSDs are included in the Package, but heres the download link.
    The HD Version: Cydia Store: Search Up iPlasma HD (iDevice Link)
    The SD Version: Cydia Store: Search Up iPlasma SD (iDevice Link)

    Video Tutorials:

    Custom Icons and PerPageHTML Edits:

    Setting up Wallpaper and Weather Widgets:
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