1. 2k1's Avatar
    ok look in documents should be in there
    2012-01-22 09:35 PM
  2. montymonty2's Avatar
    when i open up that folder there is another folder, "admob" and then a link under it that reads, "biteadprefs.xml"
    2012-01-22 09:39 PM
  3. 2k1's Avatar
    where did you download this from?
    2012-01-22 09:41 PM
  4. montymonty2's Avatar
    theme outlet
    2012-01-22 09:42 PM
  5. 2k1's Avatar
    can ya go back there and open it up see if something comes up with open with ifile?
    2012-01-22 09:43 PM
  6. MyTearS's Avatar
    Hi there.
    I have a few troubles with this theme, hope someone can help me here.
    English isn't my native tongue so I've perhaps missunderstood something during the set up..
    When I press the home button, there are three different icons at the bottom of the screen (sleep, restart, shut down)
    and three others in the upper-right corner (iPod, mail and text) but when I press on the text one, nothing happens,
    whereas the two others work.

    It seems to me I chose the first statut bar choice during the installation, but my statut bar is still there, whereas I installed no statut, clean statut and others apps. I can't figure out what to do to make it disappear.

    Could you help me ?

    ps : sry for mistakes, did my best :P
    2012-01-22 09:45 PM
  7. montymonty2's Avatar
    Got it. Thank you 2k1, great help
    2012-01-22 09:47 PM
  8. 2k1's Avatar
    this has happened to me once. ya may not want to hear it but i had to remove the theme and install it again.. to make the message icon work...ya talking about on the lock screen correct? and as far as the clean status hitting the search icon will bring that away depending what ya chooses on the installation when ya first did the theme

    Got it. Thank you 2k1, great help
    welcome bud don't forgot to hit the thank you button need anything else lemme know ill try my best to help
    2012-01-22 09:47 PM
  9. BoDLX88's Avatar
    theme outlet
    Try to go to:

    Var/mobile/media/downloads maybe the theme is saved there

    Otherway try var/mobile/library and look for a folder called theme outlet

    Maybe you find the folder directory directly in the theme outlet app under help or something like that

    Edit: Ahhh didnt noticed that you already got it to work
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    2012-01-22 09:50 PM
  10. MyTearS's Avatar
    Got it for the first part, need to remove the theme, but how should I do that ?

    Not sure I understood wat you said about the statut bar sry..
    2012-01-22 09:50 PM
  11. 2k1's Avatar
    to remove the theme just open up i file and go in the dream board folder and delete the lion folder..but FIRST make sure you have the installer in there first before ya do that cause ya won't be able to re install it again if so... and the stauts part when ya first installed it they had 3 or 4 choices i think to pick for ya status bar up top. depending on what one ya picked make the status bar disappear or not
    2012-01-22 09:53 PM
  12. MyTearS's Avatar
    What should do a morron who deleted the installer as well?
    2012-01-22 10:04 PM
  13. 2k1's Avatar
    git with the creator of this sir timothy and pm him and ask very nicely and tell em what happened and he will probably send ya another copy

    but i mean if the theme is working fine and thats the only two problems if they not that aggravating i would just leave it alone
    2012-01-22 10:08 PM
  14. montymonty2's Avatar
    so 2k1, do you know how to make the launchpad display 16 icons on each page (4x4)?

    so 2k1, do you know how to make the launchpad display 16 icons on each page (4x4)??
    2012-01-22 10:27 PM
  15. 2k1's Avatar
    No i don't sorry. I think it can be done just don't know how sorry
    2012-01-22 10:30 PM
  16. montymonty2's Avatar
    how about adding stuff to the dashboard?
    2012-01-22 10:32 PM
  17. 2k1's Avatar
    Ya mean like on a Mac does? Dont think ya can do that.
    2012-01-22 10:34 PM
  18. montymonty2's Avatar
    like when you swipe the page to the left and you get the weather and calender and stuff, you cant add anything to that? How about adding the city for the weather? currently the weather is just blank. Last question, I have a picture I want to use as my background but when I set it as my wallpaper it did not work
    2012-01-22 10:37 PM
  19. 2k1's Avatar
    Don't think about adding anything
    Else can be done unless the creator does so. As far as ya weather ya need to download crazydashboard off of Cydia to change the weather.

    Far as wallpaper open up os x lion in ifile then images/wallpapers change any of the 1-55 png files with yours make sure if ya change let's say the second one make sure ya rename the same file.
    Last edited by 2k1; 2012-01-22 at 10:43 PM.
    2012-01-22 10:39 PM
  20. montymonty2's Avatar
    yeah i downloaded that already
    2012-01-22 10:45 PM
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