1. Just Dummy's Avatar
    Since there is no Official thread here, I figured I would start this one for posting all of your mods etc...and questions for what I feel is one of the nicest themes ever created.

    Here is my current setup

    2011-07-06 10:49 AM
  2. Raaj FX's Avatar
    very nice
    2011-07-06 11:01 AM
  3. Laurabourgeois's Avatar
    Check mine on dieselletwo.deviantart.com

    I think you can like it :-)
    Follow me on DeviantArt : dieselletwo.deviantart.com

    And on Tumblr : dieselletwo.tumblr.com And hit thanks if i help you !!

    2011-07-06 11:16 PM
  4. johnnyquest's Avatar
    @ LUFT5_THOR, I have tried to modify my lockscreen exactly like yours but I continue to fail. Can you please post your mods from that lockscreen? Thank you!!
    2011-07-07 09:59 PM
  5. daddykool's Avatar
    My set up!
    Attached Thumbnails Unofficial reviDX tweaks,mods etc-imageuploadedbymodmyi1311267129.046898.jpg   Unofficial reviDX tweaks,mods etc-imageuploadedbymodmyi1311267170.182332.jpg  
    2011-07-21 06:52 PM
  6. Ramis1707's Avatar
    Im using reviDX (KD-Addon). I realised there is no clock and the calendar year on the LS. Can anyone have some solution the make the clock n year appear on the LS?
    Attached Thumbnails Unofficial reviDX tweaks,mods etc-imageuploadedbymodmyi1318212528.451356.jpg   Unofficial reviDX tweaks,mods etc-imageuploadedbymodmyi1318212975.182609.jpg  
    2011-10-10 04:16 AM
  7. RkoViper81's Avatar
    Oh awesome I need help setting this theme up this is my fav theme of all time & I normally just use it like it is but i was wondering how do you change the BG to one provided in the extra folder? I have tried setting up KD add on but it's not working I read the instructions but maybe I did something wrong
    2012-06-21 06:05 PM
  8. jadelover1234's Avatar
    Can someone post the revidx zepplin logo please
    2012-06-22 04:12 AM
  9. Durbin007's Avatar
    I love this theme, but can't get used to the coloured dot system for the carrier/wifi signal at the top left. Can anyone tell me how to keep just that part of this theme as the stock iphone icons? Thanks!
    2012-07-11 04:08 PM
  10. cl1ck4207's Avatar
    Hell yeah thanks for starting this thread man great idea
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    2012-07-11 07:54 PM
  11. 3zoooz's Avatar
    there is no doubt that revidx is just a martpiece the longest theme i ever kept and still using today and switch between bossios and revidx these themes are a category by themeselves and so pleased to see u started a thread for its mods hopefully everyone would contribute to this awesome theme!

    cheers m8
    2012-07-11 08:47 PM