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    My girl has an iPad. She uploaded all her music onto it, and then her computer was stolen.

    So now, this iPad has all of her iTune music and apps installed on it. She's had problems with her iTunes account, and some of the apps installed on it she purchased by giving friends cash and having them log into their iTunes accounts on her iPad and download them, apparently.

    Now, she wants me to jailbreak it. I know JailbreakMe 3.0 just re-launched, and I think we can do that without risking losing any of her apps or music. Before I do though, can I make a back-up of her iPad to my MBP? Will it save all her music and apps, so I can just reinstall it from a back-up if anything goes wrong... or will the fact that her music and apps are NOT authorized on my account (and the fact the items on her iPad are from at least 2 different accounts) give us trouble during a re-install?

    What's the best way to keep her apps and music secure? She wants me to Jailbreak her, but she will KILL me if I wipe out her music collection and apps.
    2011-07-06 10:32 AM