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    Hi all,

    I'm new to all this stuff so thought I'd give it ago.

    This is for all the scouser's out there!

    I'm open to opinions and ideas! This is what I have so far, just learning to ropes of Winterboard.

    Attached Thumbnails [WIP] LiverpoolFC-HD-img_0040.png   [WIP] LiverpoolFC-HD-img_0034.png  
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    You could use gridlock and have your springboard showing a 4-4-2 setup with your icons
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    2011-07-10 02:37 AM
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    Ill replace that picture

    Not sure if its a good idea, but I'm thinking of having the unlock sound set to cheering and lock set to booing?
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    Got bored of the old icons, made new ones!
    2011-07-11 03:12 AM