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    I've restored my iPad1 3 times in the last week and I've found out the main problem with everything comes down to Mobile Substrate.
    Anyone with an iPad 1 and Infinity Blade try installing Mobile Substrate then run Infinity Blade. It crashes before the play arrow shows up. As soon as you uninstall Mobile Substrate it works fine again.
    I've been having little problems here and there and it all points back to Mobile Substrate.

    Is there a way to install jailbreak apps without mobile substrate? Do we really need it?
    As thats the cause of the errors I would prefer not to install it.

    You cant say "oh, its not Mobile Substrate its the app your using" oh, no you are wrong. I installed ONLY mobile substrate and IB refused to work. I uninstalled it and it worked again.
    There are a few other App Store apps that dont work with MS installed, IB is the worst problem I've found but others also refuse to run with it installed.
    2011-07-12 10:25 AM
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    Well that's easy, Infinity Blade requires a lot of RAM. Even on a stock, non-jailbroken iPad 1 it often crashes to springboard due to lack of RAM. Turning the iPad fully off and turning it on, makes it run right away. Since mobilesubstrate - and other apps - use some memory, that might very well be your case. I can however tell you, that I have mobile substrate - and many other apps from Cydia - on my iPad and I run Infinity Blade fine. So...
    2011-07-12 09:04 PM
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    Yesterday I had a fresh restore and installed just Real Racing 2 HD and Infinity Blade then jailbreaked and installed ONLY Mobile Substrate and Infinity Blade crashed before the play button showed up and Real Racing 2 HD crashes when trying to load up a race.
    I removed Mobile Substrate and they now both work.
    Even the iPhone 3G keeps crashing to safe mode when Mobile Substrate is installed.
    It's a really buggy program so I hope it either gets fixed or we find another way to run cydia apps without it.

    Another thing, when I get stuck on the apple logo on bootup its always Mobile Substrate thats the problem.
    thats the worst thing for jailbreaking. I now refuse to install it and so far its really stable and I haven't had a crash yet.
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    2011-07-13 01:45 PM
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    My iPad 2 is jailbroken(with MS installed) and real racing 2 HD runs just fine. I'm not too sure what the point in being jailbroken without mobile substrate would be, since it's required to install just about anything worth installing from cydia...
    2011-07-13 06:45 PM
  5. Poseidon79's Avatar
    You seem to be the only person having these issues. Mobile Substrate was written by the same person who created Cydia. It works perfect. After a restore make sure you are setting the phone up as a new profile in iTunes. If you're restoring from back-up there may be a corrupted file.
    2011-07-13 06:52 PM
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    I can understand why you may think that MS is the cause, but I highly doubt that it is. Like Poseidon said, MS is made by Saurik, and is maintained quite well. I wonder what firmware you are on, how you are jail breaking, and also how you are restoring your iPad. Infinity Blade runs fine for me in Safe Mode, because I have a lot of MS add ons. It ran fine for me before I installed all of the tweaks/addons too. You are not on 5.0 are ya?
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    2011-07-14 06:26 AM
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    iPad 1 NOT iPad 2 as the iPad 2 has so much memory its not a problem.
    The problem with iPad 1 is the limited memory. As MS uses some of that memory then games that need it crash. RR2HD and IB both are memory hungry apps and if you have MS and other stuff running then you run out of memory quickly and the apps will no longer work and keep on crashing.

    I have a iPad 1, iOS 4.3.3 jailbreaked via Redsnow.
    ONLY MS installed and IB crashes. RR2HD also crashes at some points as it runs out of memory.
    remove MS and IB works fine again but RR2HD still crashes. It was actually designed for the iPad 2 as the iPad 1 doesn't have enough memory to run it. Even a fresh restore will still crash RR2HD.

    I always fresh restore it. I have backups I make in AppBackup and restore apps that way NOT via iTunes as it takes to long to backup and way to long to sync. I have backup in iTunes disabled. I can also only restore the apps I want. If an app is crashing I just dont restore that app and start again fresh.
    2011-07-17 07:38 AM