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    OK so I'm trying to create a somewhat 3D SnowCover4 theme. If you don't know what SnowCover4 is: SnowCover4

    Anyway I made this in GIMP from my current Lock Screen to show kind of what I have in mind (without the numbers and letters):

    This is what I already have:

    This is what's in the plist file:
    And this is the CSS that SHOULD rotate the cover like I want it to:
      -webkit-transform: perspective( 600 ) rotateY( 45deg );
    If you want to see the code in action get on your iDevice and go here: Perspective 1 Intro to CSS 3D transforms Examples

    Now I'm fairly sure I have to add the CSS into the plist file but I have no idea what the proper way to do that is. I've tried many different things but nothing worked. Could someone please show me how?
    2011-07-14 05:56 PM
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    Can anyone help? I just need to know how to put the code into the plist file correctly
    2011-07-14 07:23 PM
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    No one knows how to put CSS in a plist file?
    2011-07-14 09:24 PM
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    Sorry I keep bumping this but is there anyone who knows what to do?
    2011-07-15 08:28 PM