1. rdsport323's Avatar
    I just jailbroke my friends ipod touch that was running 4.2.1, its a 2nd gen MB model I believe. Greenpoison worked, and the loader d/led Cydia perfectly fine. Then when I started running Cydia there was an error saying low memory or disk space. I checked and I had 1.9gb left.

    So I reopened Cydia and did the first Upgrade that was required. And after that, my ipod pretty much froze. I was able to reboot it by pressing both buttons down, but I got as far as my charging homescreen, but there, everything is frozen and I can't slide anything or the touch screen is completely unresponsive.

    Anyone know how to fix this or why its doing that?

    2011-07-15 07:14 AM
  2. Jabbacks's Avatar
    I believe 4.2.1 is MC.... Use sn0wbreeze-2.2.1 with iOS 4.2.1. When snowbreeze completes hacking the ios it will tell you what to do. Follow instuctions carefully. Open iTunes and shift-restore.... wait for restore process to complete and you're done.

    Good Lucks!
    2011-07-16 06:07 AM