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    Xperia Ray-img_0380.pngXperia Ray-img_0383.pngXperia Ray-img_0382.pngXperia Ray-img_0384.pngXperia Ray-img_0379.png

    For all info about our themes visit APlusThemes.net

    Xperia Ray is IOS 6.1 compatible but it is not iPhone 5 compatible.

    Now Available For Automated Download From The Theme Outlet And Now On Cydia.

    Updated lockscreen and various other tweaks.

    Updated lockscreen

    Updated theme menus
    Editing mode enabled

    This xperia Dreamboard theme is a elegant and wonderful theme, based on the xperia OS by Sony, with a large focus on the concept from the xperia Ray and Arc.

    This theme contains:
    WallPaper Selection from a default set of Xperia Wallpapers
    An Application Grid menu
    Elegant and modern icons right from the Xperia phone
    Backend weather widget made by WyndWarrior from the Dreamboard Endroid theme
    Xperia Style LockScreen
    Facebook Widget

    Default build includes a 12 hour clock and a Fahrenheit Widget. You may edit the code to force a 24 hour clock, and to change the Weather into Celcius.

    This is our first theme, so please go right ahead and modify the source code as you please but do not share it, and please offer suggestions for our future releases.

    We hope to make an update soon, to include more widgets, but we hope that you like our current release.

    Special thanks to TheWarlu and PhanaticD for providing valuable information from the Google dreamboard Wiki page and WyndWarrior aswell for the backend weather widget code and inspiration to create this theme.
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    2011-07-19 07:27 PM
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    If your in Ottawa why is the weather in Fahrenheit? and is there a way to change it like by a button.
    2011-07-19 08:55 PM
  3. christoforo's Avatar
    2011-07-19 09:34 PM
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    Okay, I was just wondering. Its just kinda weird to see it that way,lol And I don't care what it says its hotter than that.
    2011-07-19 09:39 PM
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    Can't wait to try it, payment sent it, looks awesome!
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    2011-07-19 09:52 PM
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    Love the foes it not have edit mode built into it? Have to edit the plist?
    2011-07-20 04:41 AM
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    Love the foes it not have edit mode built into it? Have to edit the plist?
    Edit mode has not been implemented, we will update eventually with a edit mode and some new features, thanks.

    You have to edit the plist, anything in particular you want to see added in for everyone?
    2011-07-20 06:36 AM
  8. christoforo's Avatar
    2011-07-22 02:49 AM
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    Payment sent.
    2011-07-22 06:42 AM
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    Theme received.

    Implementing the way contacts flow on an Xperia, to this theme, would be a plus.
    2011-07-22 07:25 PM
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    2011-07-22 08:01 PM
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    2011-07-28 08:59 AM
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    2011-07-31 01:10 AM
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    2011-08-12 09:12 PM
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    2011-08-31 08:10 PM
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    How to download this?
    2011-09-02 02:07 PM
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    2011-09-03 07:15 AM
  18. christoforo's Avatar
    2011-09-07 08:05 PM
  19. dekoooy's Avatar
    another beautiful theme <3 galaxy s2,htc sensation (from deathbunnies) and xperia are the best themes for dreamboard
    An iPhone (Without a Jailbreak) is like a Nokia 3310
    2011-09-11 09:47 AM
  20. christoforo's Avatar
    2011-09-19 10:17 PM
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