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    bAdGigabit brings you.....

    Max_Pa1n Lockscreen pictured above Link: REDLINE LS

    THEME HAS BEEN SUBMITTED TO CYDIA & THEMEIT APP!!!! Will be up in a day or two. Price will be $1.99
    For more info and screenshot follow us on twitter
    @Zausser @ieFxx
    Attached Thumbnails REDLINE SD  by Zausser/iEFX/bAdGb-redline-new-thumbpsd-copy.png  
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    2011-07-21 10:48 AM
  2. whosiao's Avatar
    First. Anyway awesome theme, have it for the HD one
    2011-07-21 03:36 PM
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    Great for the wife 3GS thanks
    Instagram: zplit
    Twitter: zplit
    2011-07-21 08:24 PM
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    Great for the wife 3GS thanks
    Pm me her account
    2011-07-22 12:19 AM
  5. 143voltron's Avatar
    I was sent the Iphone 4 version and I've been manually changing into iphone 3g.

    is there a way you can help me pls
    2011-07-22 04:50 AM
  6. eFXx's Avatar
    I was sent the Iphone 4 version and I've been manually changing into iphone 3g.

    is there a way you can help me pls
    Help how bud? The sd version is out. For 2g 3G and 3gs
    2011-07-22 11:23 AM
  7. augustborn9909's Avatar
    ported from retina for my cousin who has a 3gs. tested and works (except for the included docks, those are HD versions)
    redline creative team
    Revi-Krs creative team (permission graciously granted by chris)
    tweaks: infinidock, bigify, wordclock widget, gridlock, transparent statusbar

    download: https://rapidshare.com/files/3577835...reviSDab99.rar
    1. unrar red reviSDab99
    2.copy: "private", "info.plist", "lockbackground.html", "wallpaper.html"
    3. paste in "redline.theme"
    4. respring

    1. unrar red-revi wordclockAB
    2. copy and paste in "themes" folder
    3. apply wordclock in winterboard

    to change wallpaper:
    1. in "private" folder replace "Layer.png" with image of choice. make sure image is kept: "Layer.png"
    2011-07-23 04:51 AM
  8. StiflerC's Avatar
    2011-07-27 01:54 AM
  9. Ruperto01's Avatar
    Is there any mod on for lock screen yet? Can some help me how to put darkstar's dock in redline sd, tnx in advance
    2011-07-27 09:13 AM
  10. augustborn9909's Avatar
    2011-07-31 04:28 PM
  11. jmobf's Avatar
    I noticed that there are new color mods for this (Green & Blue). Are those going to be made available as well for SD?
    2011-08-07 05:20 PM
  12. *-*hihihehe*-*'s Avatar
    Hello, where or how do I go about to change the pictures for the Redline HD LockScreen SlideShow ?

    Any help would be awesome. I will use WinSCP to go into it.

    Everything looks very nice!!! LOL jk
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    2011-08-14 03:16 AM
  13. alimadari's Avatar
    I can't find the Redline SD theme on Cydia. I was able to find it yesterday but today I searched for it and even looked through all the themes but nothing shows up.
    2011-08-23 03:22 AM
  14. IPhone433's Avatar
    I just purchased off of Cydia and i got all the Included theme packs.. my question is How do i get the message screen to look like the one in the pic. the red and black bubbles and background and everything what all do i need to activate in Winterboard? also is there anyway to change the pic slideshow urls and if so how?
    2011-09-16 08:15 PM
  15. th3lion1992's Avatar
    I want it for my iphone 3GS. i am running iOS 5.1. when i click Redline SD in cydia it says "It is not knows whether this product is supported on your ios version". its not letting me download that iOS patch also Need help. Thanx

    http/1.0 403 forbidden also getting this error if i try to download Redline iOS patch
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    2012-04-18 07:32 PM