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    So i've been working with a theme named The Old Dock and what this does is porting the old dock from ios 3 to ios 4.3.3 on retina devices! To just change the dock to the old dock did NOT work. it just pushed all the icons up. So i decided to make the dock transparent, put the old dock into a picture remove the shadow behind the dock and it worked! Now i wanted to post it as a winterboard theme to cydia but when winterboard enabled the theme the background just turned white! So now i want a themer to help me out. + if you can photoshop the bg a little to me (i can tell you later what to do) i'd be happy.
    I hate when someone says NO!
    2011-07-23 10:35 PM
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    Email me at [email protected] and let's get started!
    2011-07-24 05:40 AM