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    This is the set-up page for the SBHD extras:

    Weather widget;
    1. Use ifile or ssh into one of the SBHD weather theme folders (Library/Themes/SBHD Floating Weather or SBHD Frame Weather)

    2. Locate the Widget.html file open it (text viewer)

    3. Scroll Down until you see this :
    /*末末末末末末末末末末末末末邦AKE ALL CHANGES TO WEATHER LOCATION HERE末末末末末末末末末末末末末末*/

    // The location field should be a relatively machine-legible string

    // if using the default, Apple/AccuWeather parser (originally from Leopard's Weather.wdgt)

    var locale = "USMS0144" //e.g. 'North Attleboro,

    4. Change the USMS0144 (keep inside quotations) to your zip code, then repspring!

    5. Enjoy your live weather!

    *Also if you would like to use a different wallpaper with the weather you can replace the Wallpaper.png and [email protected] within the widget to whichever wallpaper you would like to use via SSH or ifile, just make sure they are named Wallpaper.png AND [email protected].

    *The same goes for the slideshow if you would like to use different wallpapers just replace the wallpapers within the slideshow with your own, named EXACTLY the same as the original wallpapers.

    Make sure you have all extras above the main theme in winterboard. This goes the same for the iOS 5 fix put all other extras above that as well since some have custom slider images or a plist.

    You will also see an option called SBHD ORIGINAL (old) UI all this is is the original UI for the theme I just put it in there as an option because I did not want to scrap it.
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