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    I am new to theming and have done quite a lot of reading for theming! I am excited but have run into a little bit of problem. I am theming to sell so I can't just replace the app icon im looking at. My facebook icon and Google Translate icon just will not change. I am indeed theming each icon one by one and putting it in the bundle folder under
    com.company.appname. Now for facebook, i understand it is com.facebook.Facebook and the app icon is called [email protected]. I have done this and other icons work fine with my design but facebook and a few other apps just do not want to change.... I have read for hours trying to make this work and days later I am posting here for help

    Also, two of my icons are showing a black background around the icon and another shows glossy highlight on the top half like the stock icons. I can post a picture on request if you would like..

    Am i missing something or some info? Any help will be much appreciated.

    -Eager themer
    2011-07-26 01:10 PM
  2. astrolabe's Avatar
    have u tried make these : AppIconOverlay, AppIconMask, AppIconShadow
    2011-07-26 05:59 PM
  3. skylinepkr's Avatar
    I have not, do i just use the same size of a normal icon and make it transparent?
    2011-07-26 10:05 PM
  4. astrolabe's Avatar
    for me the name of facebook icon is [email protected] not [email protected], icon names are case sensitive.

    AppIconOverlay u can use same size and make it transparent, AppIconMask slightly smaller and not transparent, AppIconShadow same size and not transparent
    2011-07-27 07:37 AM