1. Sirbiggens's Avatar
    Hi I have created an entire theme that practically changes everything on the phone. I have managed to get everything pertaining to the theme swordtails with winterboard. My main goal is to be able to select a new theme in winterboard and the whole look of the phone change.
    My only problem is with color keyboard. I believe I could get I access to work but It always seems flaky to me, which is why I am using color keyboard.
    My problem is I am trying to place the files in my theme for winterboard and I cannot get the background or keys to change. The pop ups are easy and I have solved that.

    So after all that...could somebody help me out in figuring out what the folder names need to be so I could change color keyboard with my winterboard theme??? Thanks in advance jarrod
    2011-07-27 01:55 AM